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Turkey Workout

Roll Out Your Mat and Burn Those Extra Thanksgiving Calories with Classic Pilates Exercises From True Definition Studios

With over 1500 hours of training in Pilates mat and apparatus, Yoga, Prenatal, Aerial, Barre and more, Toni R. Porrello, the owner of True Definition Studios (est. 2016)  has been teaching in the fitness industry since 2006. At True Definition Studios, students  have the unique opportunity to work on full Pilates apparatus as well as aerial silks, which both support and strengthen the body. However, whether it’s because of a global pandemic or a busy holiday schedule, you may not always make it to the studio. These Pilates exercises will give you a quick total body workout right from your home and help you keep the pounds off this holiday season. 


The mother of all sit-ups! Lying down, straighten the legs up to the ceiling. Lower them down about halfway without arching your back. Reaching the arms up, start to roll up with control into the teaser position. If you can’t sit all the way up, just come up as far as you can and hold before rolling back down. 


With this exercise, build your glutes, tone your sides and work on your hip mobility! Lying on the side, move feet slightly forward. Point  toes and lift the leg as high as you can, flex foot when lowering down. Hips should stay forward, and take it slow. This is called up/down but other exercises include front/back and circles


Start seated with your legs extended and hands on your mat behind you. Ideally, fingertips inward but adjust if that’s uncomfortable. Lift yourself up into a reverse plank, trying to get your toes to the floor and hips up high. Then, if stable, add a sharp leg kick, working the entire body! Modify by coming into a reverse table instead, with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

  • Teaser - Core Excercise 1
  • Side Leg Series
  • Pilates Leg Pull Up