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Denver's Secret Society

Birch Road Social Club Brings Out The Best in Each City!

The world has changed, especially in the past three years. Inevitably, society evolves with the different seasons, and thus we arrive at trailblazing businesses like Birch Road Social Club. Think of Denver’s cityscape–there’s a colorful and eclectic art scene, towering business buildings, tattoo shops, five-star restaurants and hotels, and breweries all on the same block. The bustle in Denver has a different rhythm than other city–the vibe is laidback and electric at the same time. Birch Road Social Club in The Highlands, Denver provides an opportunity for all the various flavors of the city to commingle. The walls of the grand venue are lined with the art that you would see from the sidewalks of RiNo Art District, twinkling lights, and clever industrial designs native to Denver. The venue is dripping in good lighting, cushy furniture in velvet gem tones–then there is formal seating in private rooms with long, elegant wood tables. There’s room for everyone from the social butterflies to the business networkers to the loungers. Birch Road Social Club’s website boasts “Your neighborhood. BYOB clubhouse. No bartenders, no corkage fees, just the space you need to make the night what you want. You’re in charge, we’re here if you need us.” On their website,, you can explore the different social clubs, as there are also locations in Chicago and Seattle. There are also directions for how to become a member! In fact, social gatherings of all types are encouraged at Birch Road Social Club. The flexible guest policy allows for business meetings, smaller celebrations, or hobby groups! For example, Dana. L, a member of Birch Road Social Club since 2014 describes her experience below: “I've found an amazing community of wine lovers at Birch Road! Whether it's a winemaker dinner, a tasting group, or a pairing class, I know I'm in great company with others who enjoy learning about wine as much as I do!” That’s exactly what Birch Road Social Club does–each location creates a sense of community. Birch Road Social Club has a neighborhood feel, or rather every single neighborhood in Denver through a kaleidoscope of its residents and the unique interests that bring them together. How did the concept for this type of social club arise? Back in 2013, childhood friends Kim Bosse and Sharon Provins had an epiphany over a bottle of wine while at Bosse’s residence in Chicago. They both felt like getting out of the house, but couldn’t quite muster enough interest in going out to a bar, especially given how expensive that can be. Sometimes you want a night out, but without the club lines and $23 lukewarm cocktails. The two friends, one with young kids at home, envisioned a private, neighborhood type of place where they could enjoy good company as they sipped their favorite drinks… without breaking bank. For a night out, Birch Road Social Club is the place to go if you don’t want the hassle of parallel parking and astronomical bar tabs and–furthermore–embrace and showcase the city’s culture, and spirit!