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This kitchen is sleek with its white subway tile backsplash.

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Exploring this year’s top picks in home improvements

Updating countertops, backsplashes and flooring can easily transform a space from old and dated to fresh and new. Get inspired with these 2019 home improvement trends.


“Waterproof flooring is the hottest thing in flooring and remodeling right now,” says Justin Fultz, the owner of Let Us Floor You Inc. His business sells flooring, countertops, backsplashes, baseboards and trim molding.

The new flooring is available in a variety of styles mirroring everything from decorative cement tiles to wood. It lacks the complications that comes along with grout, and it can be installed over existing tile. It’s also easy to take apart (like a giant jigsaw puzzle!). Although it locks together like laminate flooring, it lacks the echoey or click-clack sound that’s often a problem with the product.

“You can throw it in a pool and take it out in a month and it still hasn’t swelled. It’s like a vinyl, but not. It’s a new laminate but it’s different,” says Fultz. “Waterproof flooring should be in its own category.”

Fultz is a fan of the product and likes how it creates consistency in the home, which is also popular this year. Most people are going with one or two types of flooring, and this product can transition from the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom. Gray tiles are a popular choice, but Fultz has some advice: “I always recommend people go with the gray-brown mix because the earth tones always come back around trend-wise. If you go straight gray, then you will regret it later when the fad is out. I've been told by numerous flooring manufacturers that the natural colors are starting to come back around and will be more popular this coming year.”


White countertops with a either a swirl or veining has been the trendy choice in Fultz’s store.

Quartz is stronger than granite, and there’s no worry about staining or sealing. Because it’s manmade, buyers can perfectly match the product to existing countertops, whereas granite is a natural product that’s mined, so it is more difficult to match pieces.

“Whether people choose granite or quartz tends to come down to [their] budget. In 2019, I think granite is coming around and taking over quartz,” says Fultz.

The popularity of granite over quartz is tied to the more than 300% tariff placed on quartz this year.


Tiled backsplashes installed above kitchen countertops continues to be a sought-after home improvement. The most popular choice in tiles has carried over from last year—white subway tiles are still flying off the shelves, and so are cement deco ones with gray or white patterned designs.


Fultz thinks simple is best and recommends flat baseboards with a small amount of design.

“The less decorative you go the better you are in the long run. We found that out the hard way. My dad had a fancy base with five or six different ledges and the dogs liked it and it collected lots of dust,” he says.

It’s safe to say gray is the new white, waterproof flooring is in and keep it simple in 2019. For more information on products, visit

  • White subway tiles continue to be popular in 2019.
  • This kitchen is sleek with its white subway tile backsplash.
  • This homeowner chose white quartz countertops.
  • This kitchen sports white subway tile and quartz countertops.
  • White quartz countertops are a popular choice.