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Local Roofing Company Guided By Its Values And Commitment To Veterans

Values embedded with 'family, service and community strongholds' are evident in projects handled by the team of Newtown-based United Veterans Roofing. Amanda Capoferri, project manager for the company and stepdaughter of its chief financial officer, Rich Lazar, offers a look for Newtown City Lifestyle readers at what's to come for this family-owned, full-service roofing replacement and repair company.

What does the word "home" mean to you?

Home is where everything most important to you exists. It's made up of caring and love, shared experiences and memories; it houses the people and things that mean the most. We're honored whenever a customer chooses us to protect their home. The roof is the most important piece of the structure. If that's faulty, everything else is in jeopardy. We understand the impact of our work and the importance it plays in protecting our customers' homes, something we don't take lightly.

How are the mission and values of United Veterans Roofing carried out every day?

Our mission is to provide quality craftsmanship and top-notch customer service, to make each customer feel a part of the United Veterans Roofing family and to bring their vision to fruition. Giving back to veterans and building strong relationships in our communities is a cornerstone of our company. We're constantly looking to give back in some way.

What community initiatives has the company supported recently? 

In November, we teamed up with the Wild Bill Guarnere Fund in Delaware County to purchase and deliver towels, long johns, underwear and socks to veterans at a Camden shelter just before Thanksgiving. These items we often take for granted were at the top of their wish lists, and we were happy to provide them before winter.

In December, my mom and I baked and sold cookies at a West Chester holiday shopping extravaganza, generating more than $100 for the West Chester Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW Post 106).

Any other charitable assistance coming up?

We're sponsoring a dinner on March 7th at the Volunteers of America Home for the Brave Veterans Homeless Shelter in Camden. My mom and I will cook an Italian feast. To be able to do it for men who have given the most for our country and who are down on their luck is an honor.

United Veterans Roofing is family-owned and operated. How does this contribute to your success?

It makes our company stronger. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses and are able to help cover any gaps. We know no one else would have our backs as we do for each other. There's a reassurance to working with family and knowing the business means so much to each of us.

What kind of feedback do you get regarding customer service?

Our customers are truly the best. They are why we do what we do and why the quality of our work matters so much to us. We're lucky our customers recognize our dedication to our craft, the timeliness of our installations and our attention to detail throughout the entire process.

One customer has an older house in South Jersey. This was not an easy installation, so we were delighted by her stellar review, noting that we "went above and beyond." This makes it all worthwhile.

United Veterans Roofing is now five years old. How have you evolved?

We're constantly evolving. When we started, we worked primarily with storm damage and insurance claims. Over time, we've far expanded. We now work with local real estate offices and property management companies and on commercial projects. We've also shifted from mainly new installations to more repair projects. A small leak in a residential property is just as important to us as a major leak at a commercial property. We take pride in our motto that no project is too big or too small.

What's new and noteworthy?

We opened a new division in Eastern North Carolina, primarily around New Bern, where our office manager lives. We've done a few community events there, including the New Bern North Carolina Home Show, and we're committed to their Spring Home Show.

Locally, we've joined the Newtown Business Association and the West Chester Referral Network group in Chester County. A 2023 goal is to enhance our professional network by growing the local business groups in the areas we service.

What's next for United Veterans Roofing?

We look forward to evolving further, including expanding our charitable giving and volunteer projects. We're only as valuable as the communities we serve, and it's part of our job to continue giving back. As our footprint grows, the communities we interact with and impact do also.


"Giving back to our veterans and building strong relationships in our communities is a cornerstone of our company. We're constantly looking to give back in some way. ~Amanda Capoferri, United Veterans Roofing project manager

"A small leak in a residential property is just as important to us as a major leak at a commercial property. We take pride in our motto that no project is too big or too small."

  • Amanda Capoferri and Rich Lazar

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