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A Home For The Holidays

Kelsie Caprioglio Captures the Essence of Christmas Warmth

‘I want to give people a sanctuary from life.’ Says Kelsie Caprioglio of Capri & Co., an interior design company serving Queen Creek and Gilbert. Caprioglio is a small business owner and a mom of four, so she knows something about seeking out and creating a space for calm and comfort. Especially during the holidays, our need to pause and be present for loved ones is only magnified. Our homes become center stage for family gatherings, and so it is no wonder that Caprioglio finds meaning and passion in what she does.  

'It's the happiest time of the year, culturally we find it important to go above and beyond for our home and our families.' she says. You can see that in the touches of Christmas cheer that Caprioglio carefully styles into her client's home. She calls it 'desert, organic, modern' using neutrals, green (the client's favorite color) along with a combination of black and white minimalism. 'Not a lot of red' says Caprioglio, which is right on track with Christmas trends this year that ditch the often used red with green. Instead, it is the use of garlands, natural wood tones, and organic textures that Caprioglio implements. The room is warmed with throws and pillows in creams and glints of gold. The look is intended to capture Christmas in a peaceful and intimate manner, complementing the style of the home and not overshadowing it. At the center of it all is a space made for family.

Caprioglio moved to Arizona from snowy Colorado and for her, the difference has meant that the mild winters don't keep you hostage indoors. She admits that life here allows the inside to be extended outside and therefore your decor can move outdoors too. These days, many products can be placed either inside or outside, so there is no need to limit yourself. In fact, she plans on adorning her patio as much as she does the interior of the house. Whether it is a holiday-themed pillow on the patio furniture or even stockings hung on the outdoor fireplace, it really is a question of individual taste.  Caprioglio insists that the holiday embellishments shouldn't stop at the entryway. Every room can share in the Christmas spirit, even the bedrooms. In her own home, Caprioglio is beginning a new tradition where each of her children can decorate a small Christmas tree of their own in their individual rooms. It is clear that whatever age or inexperience, she believes that everyone should express the spirit and joy of the season. When asked what she would advise to a beginner, Caprioglio keeps it simple, 'Whatever inspires that core feeling.' she says. It doesn't have to be expensive or over the top either. Light touches, incorporating family heirlooms, and even using the kid's artwork can add personality and meaning. 

Putting in the effort beyond erecting the traditional Christmas tree can go far in lifting spirits. That is perhaps why Caprioglio believes in committing to the beauty of the holiday season. For her, and so many, this is the time of year to take a moment and be reminded of faith and family. As Caprioglio says, 'The rest of the year is hard, so you need to bring in the joy as much as you can.' 

Family Room

The Christmas Tree is a focal point in this room, adorned with a mix of warm string lights, frosted white baubles, and a mix of gold touches. Textures are brought in with festive throws and pillows.

The Dining Room

The tablescape is dotted with a variety of decorative pine trees and candlesticks. Gold charges beautifully frame the plates, bringing through the colors of the family room. 


The outdoor fireplace welcomes you with a simple garland and stockings. Gold bells stand out against the charcoal tiles and smaller pines stand at attention on either side. 

Kelsie Caprioglio's Tips for Holiday Decorating

1. Honor the Style of Your Home.

Work with your surroundings and compliment them with the holiday decorations so that the look is almost seamless. 

2. Less is More.

Tasteful decor in an understated fashion goes a long way. You want a feel of the holidays and not to be overwhelmed by it. Simple touches can go a long way.

3. Don't Get Carried Away With Themes.

Santa and Snowmen are common themes at Christmas, but that doesn't mean they have to be everywhere. Work with what is already in the home, weaving in family memories or heirlooms. Sprinkle in textures and don't be afraid to intermix older decor with newer ones. 

4. Deck Out Your Tablescape.

Really indulge this space using centerpieces, chargers, napkins and more. Don't be afraid to do something different or unexpected, the table isn't just for food!

5. Don't Forget the Outside.

Holiday touches can go beyond the interior. Besides hanging Christmas lights and wreaths, take the inside outside. Place a festive throw on an outdoor chair even put up a Christmas tree on the patio!

5. Lighting

We are drawn to light and where you place your lighting can really make a difference. Using warm white lights really draws the eye and they can be used in unexpected places around the home. 

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