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4 Earth-Friendly Products for Your Home

The Philosopher Sofa

Whom makes its products using sustainable hardwood, with materials made from recycled polystyrene pulled from the oceans, and non-toxic paints and finishes. This 72" sofa features faux down seating. I $2,697

Artifacts Kitchen Faucet 

This smart faucet from Kohler features voice-activated technology that dispenses measured amounts of water at your spoken command, avoiding water waste. It's also touchless—turn the water on or off with a wave of your hand. l $981 

The Chair

Local company Neighbor creates premium outdoor furniture and goods that are made of solid teak wood harvested from FSC certified forests—meaning the products are responsibly sourced and the forests are sustainable. l $900

3-Piece Ripple Set

The molds for all of Haand's creations, including this dinner set, are carved by hand, and each piece contains reused scraps from past products. The company's proprietary dip-glazing application process produces zero waste. I $114