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Where The Heart (and Money) Is

Home is where people begin, fall back to, and make the most intimate, precious memories. Branch Manager Christa Kusler, and the Kusler team members of America One Mortgage, have understood that the all-encompassing concept of "home" simultaneously means so many things to each individual, since this professional team began serving the Newtown area in 1999.

"Each mortgage program is like a puzzle, and I love finding the solution to those puzzles," says Christa. "Helping people find a way to own their dream home while still being able to live their best life and maintain financial health has been my passion since college."

Christa obtained her finance degree from the University of Maine, and has been involved in the mortgage business in one way or another since then. Beginning as a receptionist, her broader attraction to the industry was sparked. Although loan originators were mostly men at that time, Christa says her supervisor and she believed it would be the right fit for her skills and interests.

"It feels great to be able to be a part of the process of getting someone into their first home, or creating the perfect space in their existing home with a refinance," she says.

Each person’s story is unique, so each person’s program to get to their goal is unique. Christa says she enjoys making the process all work for her clients, along with seeing and feeling the joy when someone’s most important possession is acquired or improved.

Using her finance skills, mortgage experience and compassion for people has helped her and her team earn and maintain a reputation in the Newtown area for knowing what they're doing and for caring about it being done correctly.

Most people have spent more time than ever before in their homes over the past two years, which led to many having new perspectives of their living space. Those observations then motivated many to move and or improve their spaces. Fortunately, with historically low interest rates and significant equity increases in 2021, it was the perfect time to act on that type of motivation, assures Christa.

Industry experts predict that the new year of 2022 is expected to bring additional increases in home values, yielding more equity in existing properties.

Christa outlines opportunities available with a cash-out of some of the equity in homes. She's worked with people to help them purchase investment properties, offering passive income to homeowners.

"Some have used the cash-out to purchase vacation homes. Some clients have decided to cash-out to create an amazing space to make their first home their forever home with additions and renovations, "Perhaps they stay to enjoy these upgrades for themselves, or perhaps they create a turnkey purchase opportunity for another family to begin making memories in," explains Christa. "Some have taken the cash-out to pay off high interest debt or consolidate several outstanding loans or credit cards."

As a full-service brokerage firm, Christa adds that they offer a wide range of refinancing options, designed to best meet the needs of local borrowers.  

Wherever one is in the home buying process, and whatever the unique puzzle is, Christa says she and her America One team can help solve it and get to each person's 'Home Sweet Home.'

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