Dreaming of Design

Meet the inspirational mother-daughter owners of Blue Dahlia Designs whose dreams are as big as their hearts.

Home is where the heart is.  There is no better description of Blue Dahlia Designs.

As a designer, Angie had dreamed of opening her own home décor store. As sometimes happens with dreams, Angie set her dream on hold to stay home and be with her family. Since family is everything to Angie, imagine her surprise and delight when her daughter Alyssa offered to join Angie to help make her dream come true.

Alyssa, armed with her design degree and experience, said to Angie, “I’ll help you build your dream, Mom.” The mother-daughter team started their business plan in 2018, connected with business mentors, and studied ways to finance their endeavor. Blue Dahlia Designs opened in August 2019 with the help of their entire family.

Three generations of moms and dads, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, nieces and nephews jumped in to help build the store. They demolished, then rebuilt; they encouraged and supported. Today, it’s common to see Angie’s mom or mother-in-law helping in the store.

And there was Frank.

Angie’s late father Frank was affectionately known as Frank the Doorman. Blue Dahlia Design customers could feel the pride Frank had for his daughter and granddaughter as he tipped his top hat, opened the door, and smiled with a twinkle in his eyes. Frank made Blue Dahlia Designs feel like customers were part of the family.

Blue Dahlia Designs, located at 7930 Big Bend (previous home to Scholarshop) in Webster Groves feels like home. The flaming faux fire serves as a warm backdrop to the various vignettes displayed around the store.  Farmhouse, contemporary, urban, casual, beautiful, bold, whimsical, wedding, fun, and fashionable describe the furniture, florals, and gifts decorated around every corner. “This store is for our customers,” said Angie.

And it is.

The spacious setting allows one to look, examine, consider, imagine, and dream comfortably. Visit Blue Dahlia online for interior design styles and tips to refresh a room with color, furniture placement, or choosing and hanging the appropriately sized artwork.

Look for occasional workshops (including floral arranging) and frequent events (wine and food tastings, holiday celebrations, and charity days on their Facebook page.

As designers, Angie and Alyssa welcome the opportunity to help customers make their design and décor dreams come true.

To learn more about Blue Dahlia Designs, visit their website at

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