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Happy Girls by Reilly

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Home is Where the Art Is

Check Out These Stylish Pieces from Four Seasons Gallery

Refreshing our style for September obviously means doing the same for our homes, and what better way to make our homes more beautiful than with a new piece of original artwork? We are honored to present these gorgeous representations of several artists, all of whom have work available at the Four Seasons Gallery in Homewood, curated by Owner Laura Wilson. Keep in mind actual pieces for sale may vary.

We hope you find these pieces as inspiring as they were to the artists who created them. 

Artist: Eddie Powell 
Works Displayed: “Tree of Life” and “3 Egg Nest” 
Notes: Eddie Powell started his painting career on the Gulf coast and has been creating art since 2006. His inspiration for “3 Egg Nest” represents his commitment to love and a happy home. He was inspired to paint “Tree of Life” with unique textures, which bring out the bold colors of the live oak.

Artist: Charles Neugent
Work Displayed: “Turquoise Sea”
Notes: In Neugent’s words:  “I saw a photograph once of a beautiful green flower under water, and it intrigued me — and it still does, actually.” 

Artist: Kasi Reilly 
Work Displayed: “Happy Girls” 
Notes: The displayed art piece “Happy Girls” is part of the artist’s Audrey Hepburn collection and was inspired by Hepburn’s iconic quote, “I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.” 

Artist: Spencer Till 
Work Displayed: “Morris Hotel”
Notes: In Till’s words:  “My father’s office was in a building across from where the Morris Hotel used to be; he told me that during the war, it was the place to be. ‘Meet me at the Morris’ was a common phrase of the time, so I wanted to recreate what I thought it was like in its heyday.”

Artist: Diane Hathcock
Work Displayed: “Good Energy”
Notes: In Hathcock’s words: “I was painting ‘Good Energy’ during a particularly difficult time in my life, and I felt like I was receiving energy and direction from nature. At the same time, when it was completed, it gave me a sense of peace and tranquility.”


  • Good Energy by Hathcock
  • 3 Egg Nest by Powell
  • Tree of life by Powell
  • Happy Girls by Reilly
  • Kiss the Sky by Reilly
  • Turquoise Sea by Neugent
  • Morris Hotel by Till