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Home is Where the Heart Is

Mary Lokka, local realtor, wife and mom.

What is at the top of your Christmas wish list? For some of us, it just might be the ideal forever home. Mary Lokka is a realtor and mom of two, and she's been there. Her journey into real estate began first as a home buyer. Originally from San Diego, she already had family in Queen Creek and fell in love with the town when she visited in 2010. 

They finally bought a place in 2016 and back then it wasn't as built up, you could still see the stars at night. The town was family-friendly, with great schools, and lots of nature. Still, Mary says their experience of home-buying was riddled with mistakes and simply not knowing what their options were. It was at times heart-breaking, and she has a passion to help others avoid similar pitfalls.

Yet it was her husband, Greg, who first suggested she give real estate a try. 'I trust him' she says, admitting he saw something in her even before she did. She got her license in May 2018 and says her approach is characterized by 'a heart of service'. Mary hasn't wasted any time either, she earned the 'Rookie of the Year' award as a brand new agent and has then been ranked one of the top Century 21 agents in the state year over year. 

She values the home she and Greg, a former marine, have created for their boys Lex, 13, and Dallas, 11. Time is, perhaps, even more precious for them, having experienced Greg's deployments in the past. That's why Christmas Day is spent in their house, wearing pajamas, and watching movies, with cocoa and popcorn. Mary says she just wants 'to soak it all up'.  Therefore she works with many families to achieve that same goal. After all, a home is the setting for all of those family memories.

  • Mary Lokka