Home Office Makeover

With everyone utilizing their home offices more than ever, local interior designer Veronica Simmons shares home office transformation tips.

Veronica Simmons

Principal Interior Designer/Owner of Simmons + Co. Design

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR SOMEONE LOOKING TO REDO THEIR HOME OFFICE? Now’s the time! While we hope the Covid crisis will be resolved sooner rather than later, #wfh (“working from home”) is here to stay.

HOW CAN A HOME OFFICE TRANSITION BE BENEFICIAL, ESPECIALLY THIS YEAR? The home office has taken on a whole new meaning! It has gone from a room that was maybe used once or twice a week to a room that has daily usage and possibly from multiple members of the family. Creating a space that not only functions but that is also enjoyable to be in is a game changer when it comes to the home office. Remodeling your home office can increase productivity as well as desire to work. And if your occupation requires you to be active on Zoom calls or various types of video meetings, having a space that reflects your style has become a must for your virtual background!

WHAT HOME OFFICE TRENDS ARE POPULAR RIGHT NOW? From a style perspective, we want the home office to be an extension of your home, not like you’re walking into an entirely different dimension! We are seeing a lot of gorgeous writing desks come into the market, which allows us as designers to float these desks in the space, so the homeowner can face the door or face the window and the back of the desk is still attractive. If you have the space, built-in cabinetry is still huge. It adds to the grandeur feel of the space while also providing the needed storage and display space. We’re also doing a lot more with wallcoverings in home offices because it usually provides instant warmth to a space but also looks great on video conferencing. Lastly, various forms of lighting are essential, just like in every other room of your home. General lighting is always critical, but task and accent lighting help to create an ambience in particular when you have to work early morning hours or late into the evening.

WHAT WAS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THE HOME OFFICE PROJECT FEATURED ON THE COVER? These were long-time clients of ours, so we already had a good idea of what makes this couple happy, but they always trust us to deliver an elevated space for them. Not every client loves color, so we’re always excited when we can get a chance to use bold colors and create a space with so much depth.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO INTERIOR DESIGN? I’m a firm believer that interior designers have been designing their whole lives! So, it’s always something I’ve been into. After I graduated from the University of Michigan, I decided I wanted to pursue my passion of design. I initially started working out of my basement, then I moved to an office space in Wixom. 13 years later, our studio is located in Commerce Township where we now have a building with over 3,500 square feet.

IF A READER REACHED OUT TO YOU ABOUT REDOING A HOME OFFICE (OR OTHER ROOM) TRANSFORMATION, HOW CAN THEY EXPECT THE PROCESS TO GO? Whether a client is looking to transform a family room, living room, kitchen, bath, home office or any other space, our 10-step design process is the same. From concept to completion, we will handle all aspects of design and installation, ensuring the client gets the outcome they desire. The process is smooth because we are a one-stop shop for all elements of the project. Our ultimate goal is to create simple, sophisticated and elevated spaces that our clients can enjoy for years to come!

Simmons + Co. Design

1624 W. West Maple Rd in Commerce

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