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Eric Hoyle Reflects on Two Decades at Heritage Ranch

Heritage Ranch. Those words evoke countless thoughts and memories around our community. Thoughts of golf, food, and fun. Memories of events and unforgettable experiences. I’m blessed to have called Heritage Ranch my place of employment for the last 18 years. Whether it’s entering the gate to explore 575 acres of rolling terrain, wooded areas, and scenic ponds or driving up to the 24,000 square foot clubhouse, Heritage Ranch provides an escape from your troubles without sacrificing the finer things.

I’ve held many different positions at Heritage Ranch since July of 2005. I’ve done everything except cut a blade of grass — and using a golf club doesn’t count! I began as a bartender in the Corral Grill, was promoted to assistant manager, and eventually assumed the role of assistant food and beverage director. 

But on a day in July of 2008, my life changed forever. 

My boss, General Manager Tony Trevino, asked if I was interested in running activities for Heritage Ranch. Before that day, I had seen what the homeowners in our community did on a regular basis, but only from the food and beverage side. I had zero experience in planning and executing activities. 

I saw Tony’s offer as a challenge and accepted. We then set about defining my role. Tony didn’t just want me to run all of the activities, he also wanted me to take charge of promoting Heritage Ranch to the surrounding community. And so, the title “Community Events Director” was born. 

I assumed my new role in August of 2008. It seems like it was just yesterday, but it was almost 15 years ago. A lot can happen in 15 years. You can be married, divorced, and married again! You can have amazing people come into your life and leave it. 

Heritage Ranch has been a constant. 

No matter what, I know I get to spend my days in our clubhouse. I spend my days surrounded by our incredible community — everyone from our servers to our homeowners to those visiting for the day. I spend my days planning activities and events for our homeowners and folks in the community to enjoy.

Heritage Ranch is an active adult community. We take immense pride in promoting that lifestyle. To live here, at least one person in the household needs to be 55 or over. We also have up to 114 homes that a person between the ages of 50-54 can occupy. When you move to Heritage Ranch, you are joining a community of people that dance and sing, play pickleball, tennis, golf, billiards, table tennis, card games, and more. And that's just a Monday! 

My role is to ensure our homeowners never grow bored. I’m confident I accomplish that daily! Our homeowners have access to concerts, dances, trivia nights, and Bingo on a monthly basis.  We also support resident-driven performance groups such as the HR Chorale, Theatre Guild, and the Variety Show that allow our residents to showcase their artistic skills. 

In addition to all of these activities, homeowners look forward to our annual Heritage Ranch Games. For two weeks, the competitive juices flow. If you thought two teams vying for the Super Bowl or World Series would keep you on the edge of your seat, you won’t believe the thrill of bocce or cornhole matches in our annual HR Games! The competition to take home that blue first place ribbon is real!

I love the fun I have creating opportunities for others to have fun too.

It’s been said that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. At Heritage Ranch, I’m truly blessed to be able to live out that motto every day.

  • Eric Hoyle