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Buy/Sell with Home Pro Realty

Home Pro Realty is in the business of creating “CLIENTS FOR LIFE.”

Just like scorching summer temps, the real estate market continues to sizzle. Homebuyers and homeowners alike are on a mission to find the perfect place to call home.  

For Californians, one name remains a go-to for listing and buying homes at rates that can’t be matched—Home Pro Realty Group.

Since 1998, Home Pro Realty’s owner, Larry Friedman, has found steadfast success by providing a steep discount to realty clients in the Orange County area.

What started as a small mortgage refinance operation grew into a full-fledged real estate empire. Friedman found that he was able to hit the real estate ground running with an approach that allowed his client base and business to grow exponentially.

As the main message that stretches across his company’s website proudly proclaims, “1% REAL ESTATE SERVICE... IT'S THAT SIMPLE.”

Larry recognizes that in the home buying-and-selling sector, it really is pretty simple—it’s all about the bottom line. He guarantees unbeatable savings for his clients.

Never one to sit back and wait for success, Friedman knew he had to find a way to make a name for himself. He decided to offer an unheard-of 1% listing commission rate to his clients, as well as taking only a 2% buyer agent commission.

For clients who enlist his help on both the buying and selling sides, a 3% total commission payout is guaranteed to be the lowest local rate available. Friedman also offers a buyer rebate of all commissions over 1% to his clients.

Although these rates are considerably lower than those of other local agents, Larry more than makes up for the deeply discounted rate by the number of clients and listings his notoriety has garnered his business.

Home Pro Realty has also flourished thanks to the predominantly internet-driven real estate market, a factor that was virtually non-existent even a decade ago.

Thanks to online innovation, inventory and house-related information are transferable at warp speed. In real estate, time is money, and technology is Larry's most valuable currency.   

Friedman has expanded Home Pro Realty to include home mortgage services, at similar competitive market rates.

In fact, he is committed to proving to customers that they are more than just another signature on the dotted line—Home Pro Realty is in the business of creating “CLIENTS FOR LIFE.”

Subtitle: Home Pro Realty’s Larry Friedman reaches new heights of real estate success by guaranteeing the lowest commission rates possible and maintaining a full-service company.

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