Home Renovations: Where to Start

Cutting though the confusion of who to contact first

Article by Robert Platt/Aaron Michelle Platt-Baker

Photography by Habitations LLC

Originally published in Chamblee City Lifestyle

You thought buying a home would be the biggest hurdle. But then you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for – the kitchen needs updating or knocking down a wall would make it perfect. Or maybe you’ve been in your home for a while and now you need more space. You don’t want to move – it’s home! In either scenario, renovations are in order.

Many would start with the internet and a Google Search. But you’ll likely find an avalanche of builders with flashy sites, fabulous photos, and stellar reviews. The truth is, the current market is confusing, and Google can’t give a straight answer because there isn’t one.

We have the answer for you. What you need is a consultant and an advocate who works for you. The place to start is with a professional designer, not a builder. You can take control by first planning with a pro who understands your needs, and then shop.

You may be looking for information to begin your journey, and a few questions can be the start of a great adventure. Habitations LLC is a resource to answer your questions and to save your sanity.

Visit habitationsllc.com for more.

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