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Simplification defines home interior design in 2021

Through her work as an interior designer and as owner of Holly Wright Design, Holly Wright is definitely aware of current trends in home design.

When asked to bring out her crystal ball and predict what 2021 will bring in terms of these trends, she summed it up with one word: simplification.

“With our lives becoming so overstimulated with media and social media, and changes due to COVID-19, many are beginning to naturally gravitate towards peaceful, less complicated interiors,” Wright says, adding that using a just few materials in one space can promote a more tranquil environment.

For example, Wright says, in the kitchen she often finds that simplification, aesthetically, allows for improved functionality of this space in the home.

“We tend to focus more on how we will use the space, rather than what we will be putting into it. Better function of a space allows for us to be more efficient when using them, and an overall more improved lifestyle because of it.”

As for other home design trends that became more popular in 2020 and may continue into this year, Wright says having entire families work and do schooling from home is transforming the way people look at their workspaces.

“Having dedicated workstations for each member of the family is key, and no longer just one dedicated home office,” she says. “Desk spaces are now a necessity in children’s rooms, and loft spaces for children doing home schooling, and for the parents, offices are now built for two people, rather than one. Or, other spaces like the laundry room or large pantry are being converted to house desks and workstations to offer a second workspace in the home.”


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