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The changing needs of Tulsa home buyers

Jane Austen once said “There is nothing like staying home for real comfort”. In today’s COVID world, we are taking Miss Austen’s advice and staying home to experience that feeling more often than ever before. Today’s home buyers are closely evaluating the physical attributes of a house that are conducive to creating a home where they spend more time. 

Working from home

We used to see the popular "command center" located in kitchen areas, but since many people have spent most of 2020 working from home the desire for a dedicated home office is experiencing a robust resurgence. In addition, buyers are looking for “ZOOM Rooms”, quiet rooms tucked away that can be used to attend and host online meetings.

Distance learning

It’s not only the parents who require work space at home, students are also in need of special areas to attend online classes and study. Many families converted formal dining rooms and game rooms into make-shift school houses, setting up desks and computers in any space they could find. Home buyers want to take those areas back to their original purpose and now are looking for homes with study nooks and home school rooms.

Outdoor living and exercise

Larger yards, trees and better views are becoming a popular trend with families, especially those with children. More focus is on outdoor space to accommodate playsets, tree-houses and trampolines. The entire outdoor experience also includes pergolas, kitchens, outdoor televisions, screens and sound systems. 

Only a year ago swimming pools didn't add much resale value. During 2020, pools have added value to homes and created purchase offers faster than homes without.

At the onset of COVID, many of us sat around. It didn’t take long before we all realized exercise was important. Sales of exercise equipment skyrocketed and homeowners found the need for an additional room in the home to be used as a home gym.

Eating at home

Past studies indicate that more than half of all Americans get take-out, delivery or dine at a restaurant at least two to three times per week. This year, kitchens have made a comeback. People are looking for space to store more groceries, cook and enjoy their creations. Larger counter space and higher-end appliances are gaining in popularity and value.

Vacation Homes

With fewer people taking vacations, we are seeing a demand for lake homes, country homes or even a private plot of vacant land for easy escapes for a weekend of camping, hiking or hunting. If you’re looking to purchase property like this, search for one where the seller is willing to leave boats and other recreational equipment. 

Other factors:

Home theater rooms, game rooms and gaming rooms (yes, there is a difference, just ask anybody born after Y2K) are once again a feature home-buyers are looking for.

Multi-generational living is not a new trend, but one families are looking for. We are seeing more interest in family compounds where a larger parcel of property is purchased and several homes are built. These family compounds require a lot of infrastructure/development planning as well as home construction and estate planning.

What will the winter bring?  More people will add heating systems to their patios areas for all-season enjoyment. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are being purchased and built at astonishing rates in preparation of cooler weather.  

While all of these features are meant to create comfort and convenience, we hope what you love most about your home is whomever you share it with. 

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Brian Frere was a Certified Public Accountant prior to beginning his real estate career in 2004. Year after year he historically ranks within the Top one percent of Tulsa Realtors by number of units sold and total sales volume thanks to his commitment to understanding the local market and his ability to interpret and communicate values and trends. 

Brian's real estate practice is supported by documented systems and checklists, a full-time administrative team and three buyer specialists. This allows Brian to focus his efforts on the proactive marketing of his listings, communicating with his sellers and negotiating acceptable sales contracts. Brian specializes in proactive marketing techniques that go beyond basic on-line marketing to include personally networking through telephone calls and frequent personal visits with influential people in the area. A tenet of Brian's business that has contributed to thousands of successfully executed contracts is the belief in cooperative, win-win relationships with local realtors.

Born and raised in Tulsa, Brian has a deep love for the area and believes it is a choice place to live and raise a family. Brian is connected and active in the community and his church. He is a member of the Jenks Public Schools Superintendents Circle, the Regent Bank President's Advisory Committee, the Greater Tulsa Area of Realtors Public Relations Committee, the Metro Tulsa Soccer Association and other local groups. He is a Faith in Business Breakfast Series speaker and is frequently invited to speak at civic organizations, churches and other real estate offices in the region.

Brian currently resides in south Tulsa with his wife, April, and their two daughters. 


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