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Home Sweet Home

A Stunning Home on a Unique Lot

“It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods, so it was really special to get this project,” says Erik B. Peterson of PHX Architecture.

Peterson’s clients approached him in 2020 with a unique challenge. They had purchased a home that was situated on what he calls a “quirky lot.” Although it faced Camelback Mountain, it didn’t take advantage of the views. It was also a perimeter lot, so the sounds of the gates opening and closing could be heard.

After looking at the home and the lot, Peterson saw the potential.

They decided to tear the house down and begin from scratch.

The result is a stunning home that fit the client’s vision, which incorporates the incredible views of the mountain, a modern design, and eliminates any sounds from the gates.

“They wanted modern but the whole community has a traditional take, so we needed it to be in that transitional zone where it had modern elements but a traditional bend,” Peterson explains. “We designed an H-shaped plan that allowed for a double courtyard. The entire design was about the views to the mountain, and keeping a clean, traditional look that uses traditional materials in a more modern way.”

The design allows someone to walk in the front door and not only see the views, but it speaks to the continuity of that element—even the peak of the fireplace cabana mirrors the mountain’s peak.

The kitchen was designed to feel more like artwork than a typical kitchen.

“We wanted to create a kitchen that didn’t necessarily feel like a typical kitchen. It feels like a piece of artwork in the room rather than, here’s cabinets, here’s appliances,” Peterson says.

Peterson explains that they worked closely with the interior design firm Smyth House to bring the project to life.

“I loved that this project was in Casa Blanca and I loved that this was kind of a new look for us here. It has a more L.A.-vibe to it,” Peterson says. “And for me, it’s all about the client and I’m just glad that we were able to show them what could be done on this lot and how working with an architecture firm can help you utilize the best concepts for an interesting lot design. When you hire a great design team, we’re able to make something not so great, great.”

Builder: Sapanaro Development

Architect: PHX Architecture

Interior designer: Smyth House

Landscaper: Red Rock Contractors

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