Home Buying with Laura Herman

Laura Herman, loan consultant, shares her experience with homebuying, volunteering, and finding her passion.

When you step out of your comfort zone and pursue your passions, you open yourself up to opportunity and possibility. For Laura Herman, stepping outside of her comfort zone allowed her to discover new fulfillment and purpose in her life.

Although Laura is now a loan consultant at Loan Depot, "I started in nonprofits," says Laura. "I was being trained to become the executive director. I had never known what I wanted to do, and when they started training me, I realized I would be there at least another 3 years—then, as the executive director, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving for another 10, so I was looking at 13 years of my life. I asked myself, 'Is this what I want to do?'"

Ultimately, Laura realized she wasn't feeling fulfilled by her work and began exploring other careers. She attended interviews and informal conversations in an attempt to discover the career that she truly wanted. "I met up with a mortgage lender for coffee," says Laura. "Afterward, I could feel it in my whole body: this is what I want to do."

Laura's own home buying experience influenced her choice. "I was terrified—I was buying a house by myself. My mortgage lender was really kind and made me feel like I could do it," says Laura. "I want to work to support people directly, to help them feel empowered, and to make them realize they can buy a house no matter their circumstances."

Because of her initial nervousness and ultimate feeling of confidence after purchasing her own home, Laura especially enjoys working with women independently buying a home. "I know that it can feel scary to be doing it without a partner," she says. Laura also enjoys working with veterans. "My partner is a veteran, and I give so much credit to veterans and to active service members," says Laura. "First-time homebuyers are the third group that I enjoy working with because home buying can be a really overwhelming process. I like to make it calm and joyful for them."

Establishing a sense of comfort and peace in your home is essential for feeling relaxed, happy, and at home. "I grew up with a lot of anxiety. Having a safe place where you can feel calm is so important," says Laura. "Everyone deserves to feel fulfilled and to thrive in their home and in their life."

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Who is Laura Herman?

  1. Laura continues to give back by keeping in touch with her previous employer, myHealth for Teens & Young Adults, fostering and training a service dog through Helping Paws, and volunteering at Ruby's Pantry to give people access to low-price, high-quality food.
  2. Laura bought her home to provide her dog, Penny, with a wonderful home environment. Penny is a rescue and one of Laura's two dogs.
  3. Gladys, the dog that Laura is training to be a service dog, has gone to training class every week since she was 8 weeks old. Gladys will be paired with someone later this year to provide support for a veteran or first responder with PTSD.

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