Homemade Soap by Lex

12-year-old Alexis Escobar sets up shop to fund her passion

We all saw many people take to making products at home during the pandemic—in part to replace what they couldn't buy and in part to help with income. Alexis Escobar is no exception to that. She saw a need and she decided to solve it.

"I love going to LUSH," says Escobar. "However, when COVID hit, I had to stop going, so their products were not as easily accessible to me. That is when I came up with the idea to start my own line of similar products, giving them my own twist and personal touch."

The big difference with Escobar? This entrepreneur is only 12 years old.

Alexis Escobar, who goes by "Lex," started Homemade Soap by Lex in her West Valley home. Along with wanting to create soaps, she also had a financial motive.

"I absolutely love cheer and have been doing it for about four years now," she explains.

After a short break during the pandemic, she is back to cheer. One of the main reasons she started Homemade Soap by Lex was to help pay for that passion.

"I started this business to help with the cost and expenses that come with cheer and traveling," she explains. "I love being able to help support myself when it comes to cheer. It gives me a sense of independence at my age."

At only 12, Escobar is loving running her own company. 

"I love being able to be my own boss and tell my parents what to do," she laughs. "And making my own money." As a student—and one active in cheer—she loves being able to fit things around her own schedule. But it's the people that bring Escobar the most joy. "I love meeting all the new people and earning new customers along the way. Seeing how my customers love the products and keep coming back for more brings me great joy!"

And Escobar has some great products. She offers soaps, body scrubs, body butter, and high-quality CBD lotion bars. She explains that she only uses the best and safest ingredients.

"My CBD products are a hit because they offer pain relief. I love to use them after a long day of cheer. It allows me to relax and rest my sore muscles and joints."

While Escobar says her personal favorite is her line of sugar scrubs, she is proud of all of her products. Everything is natural, created with the best ingredients. Escobar, with the help of her mom and dad, sources her products from both local stores and online. She changes what she offers based on what is available. She uses natural essential and fragrance oils and organic goat milk from a friend's farm. She says it is important to give her customers the peace of mind they get from knowing they are using the "best of the best" on their bodies.

"My love truly goes into these products," she says. And going the extra mile is important. "I want to ensure that my customers are satisfied and happy with what they purchase. I put a lot of time and effort into making sure my products are elite. I pour my heart and soul into my products." 

Escobar knows she isn't making Homemade Soap by Lex a success alone. "I am blessed to have a wonderful support system," she explains. Her family is involved in her venture. Her parents and her older brother enjoy doing things together. Off-roading in her dad's Can-Am ATV is a favorite pastime when she's not cheering and making soap. 

But it's not just her family that helps. "I don't ever want to leave out God," explains the 12-year-old entrepreneur. "He is in the center of my business, and I thank Him for blessing my family and me."

Escobar never takes her good fortune for granted. She also regularly donates to charities. "I donate 10% of my profit to cheer for kids that may not be able to afford the cost of cheer. Last December, I donated 25 bars of soap as a care package for the military troops overseas."

She has also recently helped out with several relief funds set up for the victims of the Arizona wildfires, including communities of Strawberry and Pine. "I feel it is important to give back to those in need in the community when you are able to do so."

You can look for Homemade Soap by Lex at local retail pop-ups in the West Valley and you can always purchase products online at

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