Hometown Heroes

We are highlighting four locals who have impacted our community in big ways

Eric & Kristina Mongillo

Broad Street Ministry Center

“We have a week full of ministries and programs we offer through partnership with many different churches and other organizations that also serve the community,” shares Kristina. “Over 100 families walk through the doors of Broad Street over the course of a week to enjoy a warm meal, attend Bible study or adult literacy classes, receive resume assistance, or browse the clothing floor - with the core of it all being our food pantry where we serve the homeless, lowa income families, disables veterans, and seniors.”

This holiday season, BSMC anticipates providing holiday meals for over four hundred families. For more information on how to donate, partner with, and support this ministry, please visit www.bsmcaugusta.org or call (706)722-5999.

Elisia Boatright, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Doctors Hospital Rose Award Winner

“I've been full time for a year and a half working in the acute care setting,” shares Dr. Boatright. I currently work in the ICU where we're establishing a great team of people who are inspired and driven to promote best patient practices.” Recently, Dr. Boatright was awarded The ROSE (Recognition of Service Excellence) award which celebrates Ancillary and Support staff who serve as a model to the community by living our mission every day and going above and beyond for their patients and team. “I was surprised,” she shares. “I learned there were various team members, families, and patients alike who mentioned my name. I feel honored that leadership chose me for this award.” 

Susan Swanson, Director

Augusta Care Pregnancy Center

Susan Swanson serves as the director and is truly the heart of the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center. She spends countless hours connecting pregnant women with resources to help them and their babies live healthy, safe lives. “We direct a lot of resources to helping homeless mothers and children and pregnant mothers,” shares Susan. “We offer parenting classes and a class on healthy relationships, because so many of our clients grew up in troubled homes and don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like.” ACPC also offers pregnancy testing, counseling, Bible study, and support for women in a variety of areas.

For information on supporting or volunteering at one of the pregnancy center’s two locations, visit www.augustacpc.org or call (706) 724-3733.

John McGill works at Lynndale Inc. in the cane and rush department. He creates custom stools that are handwoven and depending on how complex the project is, it can take a few weeks to create one. There are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from but John’s favorite pattern to create is the checker pattern. John has worked at Lynndale for five years and sells his creations on-site. In his spare time, he loves to read, research, and learn new things. 

Lynndale Inc. is a community support service that provides people with disabilities and their families with valuable support through person-centered training and community resources. If you would like John to create a custom stool for you, call Lynndale Inc. at (706) 738-3395.

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