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Molly Robinson

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Hometown Heroes

In honor of Mother's Day, we are highlighting four super moms

For Mother’s Day this year, we wanted to do something special for the moms in our community. Instead of our Hometown Heroes, we asked members of the community to nominate a mom that has gone above and beyond for their children. So many great nominations were sent to us and after reading the amazing stories, we chose four moms to be pampered and celebrated. We sent these moms to Salon at Surrey where they were treated with hair and makeup services. They were also given gifts from other local businesses such as The Red Berry Co., Nothing Bundt Cake, Belair Donuts, Top Golf, and TBonz Steakhouse. 

Whitney Boykin

Mother of two and owner of High Cotton Photography

Do you and your kids cook together? What is their favorite meal to make with you and why?

We love to cook together. Both of my children are always asking to help in the kitchen but their favorite thing to cook with me would probably be anything sweet. We all love to lick the bowl and taste test as we are baking!

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

The most rewarding part for me is watching them grow into exactly who God created them to be. They are so different, but still so much like my husband and I, and I love witnessing it. Getting to be a part of their journey, lifting them up when they are down, and celebrating with them when they are proud is the biggest blessing.

Do you have a favorite gift or craft you’ve received from your kids?

All of the special things they make at school are so special to me. I actually have a box for them that I keep everything in. The bigger/more special things, I frame and either hang them or sit them around the house.


Tabitha Hollimon

Mother of four and owner of Virtual Tax and Consulting LLC

Do you have a favorite gift or craft you’ve received from your kids?

My young daughter made me a picture of a cat and put it in a frame. I don’t know why it makes me feel special, but it does. It sits on my window sill.

Tell me when you are proud of your kids.

I am proudest of my kids when they play together, pray together, care for each other when one is sick, and cook for one another.

Tell me a fun memory about a favorite activity with your kids.

One of my favorite activities to do with my kids is to go skating at the local skating rink. Skating is so fun and gives you a great workout. I can remember taking them for the first time and watching each of them learn how to skate. Now we go as much as we can. 


Jeannine Owens

Mother of seven, foster mom

Do you have a favorite gift or craft you’ve received from your kids?

Our elementary school does the same craft for each grade so it’s nice to have one of each from each kid as they grow up. We have a whole china cabinet to display their art and they are so proud of the things they have made. 

Tell me when you are proudest of your kids.

I love how welcoming and loving my kids are to every foster child that stays with us. It has been such a  great way to teach them about love, empathy, and kindness.

What made you decide to be a foster mom?

My parents fostered when I was growing up and I enjoyed it as a kid so much that I vowed to do it when I was older. I’ve always loved kids and helping kids during the most difficult time of their lives can be so rewarding. Whenever I hear people say “I could never do it because I’d become too attached,” I always remind them that is exactly what foster kids need… someone to love them so much that it hurts when they leave.

To learn more about being a foster parent, visit


Molly Robinson

Mother to ten month old Lilly

What is something you look forward to doing with your daughter?

I look forward to being her “hype woman” and to cheer her on in whatever endeavors she may choose. I can’t wait to be the one she looks at when she scores a goal, hits a home run, wins a medal, or whatever it may be. I also can’t wait for mommy and me shopping trips!

Did you have a role model or mother figure that you looked up to and learned from? What are some of the teachings that you learned from them?

My mom - she is my best friend, other than Lilly. She has always been my biggest fan but also my biggest critic. She has always pushed me to strive for the best in everything I choose, and she taught me how important it is to be present. I will be forever grateful that she always made time for me and I want my children to know that no matter what, I will be there!

What advice do you have for new moms?

My advice would be that it’s okay to not be okay. Social media makes motherhood sunshine and rainbows ALL the time. As a mom, you don’t have to have it all together but that’s okay! I saw recently that flamingos lose their pink when they have babies because they put all of their energy into their babies. But after a little while, their pink comes back. You will get your pink back even at times when you may think you won’t.

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