HOMEWORK with Trisha

Home construction expert Trisha McConkey talks about her newest home "work" project.

Welcome to 408 Gill Street, a beautiful century home in Kirkwood.

My passion for real estate started 25 years ago and has grown tremendously since my family and I moved to the Kirkwood area a little over 15 years ago. I love that the homes of this community are unlike anywhere else, with a unique and eclectic mix of new construction and century-old homes. Our family is moving again, and I'm excited to share our journey as we remodel and restore the beautiful century home on 408 Gill Street. Everything about this house inspired us to renovate rather than build. The stunning architecture of this century home needed to be preserved, embraced, and loved for the next 100 years. 

As a mortgage lender closely connected to the construction industry, 
people often ask me, "Do I renovate or build?" and "Where do I start?" The answer is different for each person and home. These questions can be challenging when it comes to older homes. The obvious issue to consider is the return on investment. Location and the lot size (let's face it, you can't make more land) are also important factors to consider. Does the cost to improve exceed the value? Beyond the home's future value, it's important to be mindful of its present value. Is this a family home? Does architecture like this still exist? Is part of history being erased?
Seeking a contractor and real estate professional to help you evaluate this is essential. 

As our family becomes the third owner of the 408 Gill Street house, the fun begins as we modernize the design and function of this home while respectfully giving 'an ode to the old. We've got some homework to do. 

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