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Home Town Hams

From high school job to franchise owner, John Midgett continues to grow his business with his genuine heart for people.

Many people think of honey-baked hams are just for the holidays, but did you know The Honey Baked Ham Co. here in Lebanon has been serving up a full cafe operation since 2009? 

John Midgett took over as the owner/operator of the former business, HoneyBaked Ham, in 2013 from the previous owners Ron and Mary Flesch. 

Imagine getting a high school job, and becoming the owner just a few years later, because that is John’s story. In 2008 he began working for the Fleschs, and his path began.

“I worked in this location as an associate from when I was hired until taking over in 2013 after graduating from The University of Tennessee,” he explained, “I really enjoyed the business model and felt I had a good grasp of what was needed to run it. I thought we had plenty of untapped potential, especially in the lunch market! The goal was to expand into the surrounding areas with different locations.”

Being born and raised in Lebanon, John says his favorite thing about our community is how it maintains a small town feel, allowing relationship growth. 

“I get to see people I know pretty much anytime I go anywhere,” he says, “In my world, those person to person relationships are still the foundation of our day to day business. I appreciate the support the community has given us along the way. I am not the most well known business owner and not known for my marketing skills. But I am in the store every day and many people probably don't realize I am the owner but I see the continued support every year and it does mean so much to me.”

The Honey Baked Ham Co is a family-owned chain selling ready-to-serve smoked hams, plus turkeys, roasts, side dishes and desserts, offering lunch, catering and more. Visit for their full menu.

Lebanon's continued support every year means so much to me.