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Donald Lindsay Speaks on Union Colony's Marine Detachment

  • Toys for Tots: For nearly 10 years, the detachment has assisted in donating and collecting nearly 20,000 toys a year to distribute to over 3,000 children in Northern Colorado.
  • Denver Children’s Hospital: In partnership with the Military Order of the Devil Dogs, the attachment collects donations to provide for the hospital’s canine therapy program for children.
  • Honor Flight Guardians: Raising funds for veterans to fly to Washington DC at no personal cost to visit the memorial commemorating where they served.
  • Military Honor Guard: Detachment 1093 performs traditional military rituals at funerals for deceased veterans, including commandant and chaplain rites and, if desired, a 3-round volley by company riflemen. Young Marines + Jr.
  • ROTC: Partnering with training and service opportunities for young members of the community hoping to grow as individuals and those who may want to pursue military service. 
  • Community Events: Whether it's their annual golf tournament, or this year’s Marine Birthday Bash, Detachment 1093 offers multiple fundraising opportunities for the community to participate in.


Donald Lindsay was a former United States Marine who was looking for purpose and a place to belong as he navigated the intricacies of adjusting to civilian life. When he discovered Union Colony’s Marine Detachment 1093 - a military organization priding itself on maintaining military camaraderie and faithfully serving veterans and the Greeley/Evans community, he found it was more than just an opportunity to occupy his spare hours. 

“For the first time since I had served during the Vietnam War with my Marine detachment, I finally found a place where I felt like I belonged. From day one, I have had a sense of belonging and being wanted by this group, and I give everything I can to support them,” Lindsay shares fondly. It is this sense of belonging and the opportunity to serve his community that has kept the Jr. Vice Commandant involved in this detachment for six years. 

The organization’s earliest stages came from an idea over 20 years ago in Greeley. Retired Marine Jim Keppler put an ad in the Greeley Tribune calling any former Marines in the area to meet for fellowship and business at Bittersweet Park. Fifteen Marine veterans showed up on the first Saturday, and so began the Union Colony Marine Detachment 1093, which was born, uniting under the purpose of preserving traditions and promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps. Today, the organization meets at Moose Lodge 808 on the third Saturday morning of every month. After enjoying a traditional military breakfast affectionately dubbed S.O.S is shared, consisting of powdered eggs, cream gravy, and spam over a piece of toast. The group then discusses relevant businesses and opportunities to serve fellow veterans and the community. 

“The Marine Corps League was originally formed for camaraderie amongst former Marines, and to assist them in transitioning into civilian life,” shares Vice Commandant Ken Balltrip, who has served in the organization for nearly 14 years. Now, Detachment 1093 serves their community in a variety of capacities, from honoring fallen soldiers and veterans to assisting in the training of Young Marines, and volunteering to serve charitable organizations. 

Greeley Lifestyle is thankful for the opportunity to highlight this detachment and honor them for their dedicated service to both their country and to their Northern Colorado community for these many years. 


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