Honoring the Men of Media

Whether educating, leading, inspiring, protecting, or serving...these men deserve our appreciation..

We all know that Media has no shortage of outstanding, accomplished individuals that help make this special town great, so we, at Media City Lifestyle, wanted to take this opportunity to honor five men who are community champions. These men are inspired visionaries who have worked diligently, selflessly and exceptionally to better the lives of people in and around Media, adding to the growing, diverse tapestry that makes everybody’s hometown a wonderful place to live and work. Here are some of our local heroes – we know you’ll be inspired by these men. 

Michael Rounds, President, Williamson College of the Trades

In 2013, after 25 years of serving in the United States Army, Michael Rounds accepted the position as the 13th President of Williamson College of the Trades and has never left. Among his military awards are the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Meritorious Service Medal with 4 oak leaf clusters, Airborne Wings, Air Assault Wings, and the Army Ranger Tab.

President Rounds is committed to the values of Faith, Integrity, Diligence, Excellence, and Service that are markers of the Williamson way. Students here are immersed in a community that focuses on training them to be responsible, accountable, and to lead by example. The combination of excellent trade skills combined with character, work ethic, and leadership is what sets Williamson graduates apart and is the reason they are in such high demand. They are proud to provide a full scholarship that covers tuition, room and board for every student.

Rounds wants more people to know how unique Williamson is. “This is a really special community that goes back to the history of the area. There is no other school like it, and yet there should be. We need schools like this all over the country. The more Williamson men we can put out in the community, the better for the community.”  

Paul Mickle, Director of Operations and Advancement

Paul Mickle started working with Media Food Bank at 10 years old.  He was mentored by his mother's friend Juley Moberg who ran the food Bank until she left in November 2007. Paul naturally became responsible for distribution. 

In 2012, Paul was honored with the Young Volunteer Award by the Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation. Over a decade later, he continues to dedicate himself to the Friends Group at Ridley Creek and, since 1998, the Media Food Bank. When asked about Media, Paul shared, “Media has always been a fun town to grow up in and watch evolve over the decades. It is quite unique how it can go through changes and adapt through the years but at the same time keep the same distinct charm.” And, with such a young start in the community, Paul says that Media chose him. 

One of his most significant contributions has been helping to grow the food bank through the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it has always been a community staple, the food bank took on a life of its own during the pandemic. That need continues to rise. Paul encourages both those with the ability to continue to support the Media Food Bank, and those who need help to seek it out. He would love to eradicate the stigma that’s often associated with getting help.  
Media Food Bank at 444-442-0033.

Jarrod Grant, Chief Instruction Officer, Co-Founder, and UNLTD Tennis Academy

Jarrod Grant, founder of the Unlimited Tennis Academy, makes an impact in the community through tennis and what it teaches. In Jarrod’s words, “It's learning how to win and lose, its goal setting, the grit and determination, and the emotional growth. It's imparting those lessons and skills to students that impact their lives.”  Stressing the value of life lessons through sport, the Academy now serves 130 full-time students with six tennis coaches and three trainers. Their goal is to make better players, better athletes, and, most importantly, better people. 

Jarrod started playing tennis at age 11 and was coached by famed coach Eric Riley.  Riley gave Jarrod the opportunity to train alongside Grand Slam Champions Lisa Raymond and Pam Shriver. He became a highly-ranked junior and went on to receive an NCAA Division I tennis scholarship.

Jarrod soon realized how much the game of tennis helped him off the court with discipline, character, sportsmanship, problem-solving, emotional intelligence and much more. So he decided to dedicate his life to the game, not to make great tennis players, but to make great people.

When asked what he loves about Media, Jarrod points to the fantastic community that he and his family have had the opportunity to watch grow over the last decade. Describing Media as “welcoming and inclusive”, he most appreciates the activities and opportunities for his children and family to connect with the community. 

Jarrod’s ongoing goals include enhancing the available activities for kids, “One of our goals at the academy is to provide training for multiple sports, including football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, baseball as well as tennis. Youth sports, done well, can have an incredibly positive impact on a child's overall development.”  

And the many inspiring stories you can find on the Unlimited Tennis Academy website ( demonstrate exactly that. There, you’ll find stories of children building confidence, refining motor skills, discovering gifts and talents they didn’t know they had, and, most importantly, having fun.

Don Vymazal, Upper Providence Township Manager

Don Vynazal has always enjoyed public service and has dedicated over 15 years helping Pennsylvania residents resolve statewide concerns. He learned that attending to municipal-level issues was the most gratifying and fulfilling.  Don believes that working with members of the community to create improvements, improve the delivery of township service, and craft innovative solutions to complex problems has always been rewarding.  He obtained a Master’s in Public Administration degree in order to continue his career as a municipal manager.  Vynazal points out, "I was well aware of the exceptional reputation of Upper Providence Township and was honored to accept the position of Township Manager."

He greatly appreciates community-driven initiatives and making innovative ideas a reality.  He comments, "Successful efforts are only possible due to the dedicated and professional township staff.  We have an amazing team here in Upper Providence Township."

Last year, the township organized and hosted its first Community Day in Rose Tree Park.  Don says that the community response was fantastic!  Several thousand attended - from members of Council in the dunk tank, to local non-profit and community vendors - good food and great music. The next annual Community Day is September 23, 2023.

Don is also a member of the Rotary International Southeastern PA Eco Club and enjoys volunteering with local community events, such as the CRC annual stream clean-up.

Chief Matthew Egan, Media Borough Police Chief

You might not realize it, but in the 1970’s and 80’s, Media had some of the highest crime rates in Pennsylvania. When Chief Matthew Egan joined the police force in Media, crime was still a significant issue. Chief says over the years, he has had the honor of being a part of the team of men and women who have contributed to the significant reduction of serious crime in Media. He says, “Media Borough is now one the most desired towns to live in and I am happy to lead the next generation of officers to keep Media a safe and enjoyable hometown and destination.”

Matt Egan has been the Borough's Chief for under a year but he's been a Police Officer in Media for over 32 years.  Egan was a patrol officer for over 10 years, then promoted to Sargent and Shift Supervisor for 21 years, then Lieutenant for 8 months and then to Chief.

When asked why he chose Media, he said, “I wanted to work in a town where I could interact with the residents and feel as if I could make a difference.”  Chief Egan wanted to get to know the people he was helping– and he’s never regretted choosing Media. 

Shortly after becoming chief, Egan helped the Media Police Department begin the process of Accreditation. This is an exhaustive process where every policy is reviewed by an outside agency and confirmed to be in line with Federal and State laws. This ensures that the police station and equipment along with officers training are all up to or exceed Pennsylvania State standards.

Chief Egan shared that his desire is for the residents of Media to have “the assurance that the Media Police Department is a professional organization that follows best practice standards and has well trained and equipped officers. We are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year.”

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