Is it time to steer away from taking work calls in sweatpants and up your style game? 2024 is the year of elevated, curated, and tailored style brought to you by local men’s clothing store, Houndstooth. The store’s clothing brings notions of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail into today’s society and into your wardrobe. 

Houndstooth is a men’s clothing store owned by local tailor and entrepreneur, Jeff Covitz. Although specialized in suiting, you can also find sportscoats, denim, trousers, dress shirts, shoes, and casual wear. With the second store opening in Leawood, the clothing and shopping experience brings a long history of fine tailoring and respect for elevated style right into our local community.

Dating back 64 years, Jeff’s family got their start in the tailoring business. Jeff’s Grandfather Leo Zemelman, moved to Kansas from Poland in 1960 to work as a tailor. He began Leo’s Tailor shop in Brookside, which thrived for 50 years. Following in his father-in-law’s footsteps and guided by his training, Jeff’s father also opened a shop, Rick’s Tailoring, which operated for over 35 years, closing in 2014. At that time, Jeff turned focus to Houndstooth and the first store location in River Market. 

“My family's history plays a huge role in everything we do at Houndstooth. I am a tailor, who respects great tailoring. We do not want anything out there with our name on it that we do not feel respects where we came from and the years of service behind us. It is Aristotelian, if you are going to hem a pant, make it the best pant hem. Always strive to do good by your customers,” Jeff says.

The difference between Houndstooth compared to other retailers is quite literally in the details. 

“The suits we sell are sewn, not glued, as many in the market currently are, and with that, you get a feel that is softer, more luxurious, more mobility, and a product that will hold up at the dry cleaners.”

Jeff continues, “A lot of shops try to cultivate lifestyle brands. Brands that try to do it all, tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoes all under one roof. We prefer specialists, our shirts come from shirt makers, denim from denim houses who specialize in a great pair of jeans, ties from tie makers, and so on. We like companies that specialize in one thing and do that one thing really well.” 

Jeff finds style inspiration in his children, 14 and 10, who help his vision of keeping the store’s classic styles infused with youthfulness and trends to ensure the clothes are never stale or outdated.

Feeling inspired to shop and see what Houndstooth has to offer? Head into the newest store, located in Camelot Court Shopping Center at 119th Street, for your suiting needs - grooms, that means you, too! Ensure a one-of-a-kind look for your wedding, work occasion, or everyday wardrobe. You will be met with staff who will provide unmatched expertise, a personalized shopping experience, and a smile. 


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