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Blake Home Vet is making house calls, creating a stressless vet experience for your pet

For Dr. Courtney Blake, owner of Blake Home Vet, the day might begin by coaxing a nervous kitten out from under the bed for a dental cleaning and wrap up by wrangling a 23-pound Asian water monitor lizard for their yearly checkup. Just your typical day as a mobile veterinarian. But, at the end of the day, Dr. Blake’s ultimate goal is to create a stressless vet experience for both your pet and for you.

“By coming to your home, we’re able to significantly decrease your pet’s stress, seeing them in the environment in which they are most comfortable,” explains Dr. Blake. “You don’t have to coerce an anxious pet into your car. They don’t have to sit in an unfamiliar lobby and then in a distressing exam room, listening to all the other animal sounds and smells. That can be very scary for your pet.”

When your pet can be treated in the comfort of their own home, any stress they experience is for a much shorter duration.

“No one likes to be poked or prodded,” says Dr. Blake. “But after those few moments during the exam, your pet can go right back to their favorite resting place, have a bite to eat, or go play outside.”

The experience is also far less stressful for pet owners. You don’t have to spend extra time and effort driving, waiting, and dragging a reluctant pet to the vet. Plus, you get more personal one-on-one time with Dr. Blake.

“I’m routinely with my clients for an hour at each visit. They get a lot more time to talk with me and get to know me, and I can answer any questions. In turn, I get to know them and their pet extremely well.”

Dr. Blake sees all species of pets throughout the west metro, including dogs, cats, pocket pets like guinea pigs and rabbits, birds, reptiles, and even backyard chickens. To take out the stress for your pet, Dr. Blake meets them on their level, which means she will work on most pets on the floor or many times in the bathroom if that’s where your pet feels most comfortable. (Or if they’re a flight risk!)

“I knew there was a need for people to be able to be seen in their homes,” shares Dr. Blake. “I love being able to service clients and pets that were potentially unserviceable. Some pets can’t get to the vet either due to their size, aggressiveness, or mobility concerns, or those you just cannot physically convince to go into a carrier. And of course, some clients may not be able to easily get to the vet either.”

Dr. Blake recalls a particularly difficult patient. “Recently, I worked on honestly the most aggressive cat I’ve ever seen. And I worked at the Wildcat Sanctuary. Now, I get to work on just the tiny aggressive cats,” laughs Dr. Blake. “I always say to the little ones, ‘I’m sorry, I’ve worked on tigers, lions, and big cats. I know you seem fearsome, but you’re only eight pounds!’”

Essentially, Dr. Blake brings a clinic to your home, typically accompanied by one of her Certified Veterinary Technicians, Alisa or Jessica. “We have various bags we bring that hold everything from a microscope and centrifuge to do lab work onsite, to medications and a scale for routine checkups,” describes Dr. Blake.

Part of Blake Home Vet’s services includes their mobile vet truck. The truck only gets involved when surgeries are needed, like neutering or dental procedures. Everything else takes place in the comfort of your home.

“I truly enjoy working with clients, and I’m dedicated to providing the best possible care for their pet while ensuring it works for their budget and lifestyle,” says Dr. Blake. “It's been incredibly rewarding. The majority of our clients are extremely grateful, and I love being able to take care of those animals and pet owners who need help and who otherwise wouldn't have been able to get it.”

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