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Lynlee Hughes Invites Us Inside Her Family's Dream Home

Lynlee Hughes recognizes a treasured piece of real estate when she sees one, which is why a home in the Redmont neighborhood inspired her vision at just first glance. The local Realtor and Magic City native said she and her husband, Carter, were leaving a property viewing more than four years ago — one they agreed wasn't the right fit — when they spotted a sign for a Redmont house. Sparked by curiosity, they turned down the street and pulled up to the home to find the owners busily pressure-washing as they were preparing to list it. Although it was not yet on the market, Lynlee and Carter were able to purchase the new abode in an off-market transaction. Even then, it all seemed meant to be — and now, this family is sure of it. 

The 3,000-square-foot house was built in the 1920s and lacked a laundry room and a master suite walk-in closet, both necessary for comfortable living. The Hughes hired Architect Louis Nequette for the renovation; they had worked together on previous projects and trusted his meticulous approach to design while preserving the history of the home.

"We wanted to stay within the original footprint as much as possible and we knew Louis would be able to execute," Lynlee explained. "The closet and laundry room were two of the significant additions. We also added a swimming pool — and a back window to see straight to the pool from the front door."

The Hughes family has created a versatile, stylish home where the focus is on enjoyment. The entire crew, now with the addition of 4-year-old Ruby and 2-year-old Annie, values quality time in the front sitting room, transformed from its original purpose as a formal dining room. Thanks to the expertise of interior designer Betsy Brown, the reimagined room is equipped with a cozy, u-shaped sofa, and a family-friendly atmosphere continues throughout the home. 

"When we designed the home, family was a consideration," said Brown. "We re-designed the kitchen so they could cook and engage with little ones at the same time. We suggested a u-shaped sectional sofa so they could lounge and snuggle together. Life with little ones can be chaotic, but a home can create amazing memories when design and space are carefully curated."

For casual meals and conversation, the family gathers around the kitchen bar. Holidays and occasions are spent in the home's picturesque courtyard, with a table spacious enough for 12 guests. For additional seating or an unpredictable forecast, the living room can also accommodate guests for dining.

With the assistance of Brown's artistic eye, the home has a neutral black-and-white color scheme, which the family plans to enhance with color as they go along. The Hughes have a love for travel and art — many of their favorite destinations have a strong artistic culture, and you can see pieces inspired by their experiences throughout the home.

The magic of discovering their family's dream home isn't lost on Lynlee, who helps her clients through the same process and understands the inherent triumph. The family had previously lived in Forest Park and wanted to stay in the perimeter of the city — but with more space and a backyard to accommodate their growing family and lifestyle. 

"My husband and I are both invested in the city of Birmingham, and it's a miracle that we found this house," Lynlee said, smiling.

  • Lynlee, Carter and Ruby, age 4
  • Lynlee, Carter, Annie, age 2, and Ruby, age 4

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