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Fiscally Fit

Learn how to improve your financial fitness

It’s always smart to stay physically fit, at every point in your life. But financial fitness is important too. Are you doing everything you can to boost your financial well-being?

Getting regular check-ups is essential for your physical health — and the same principle applies to your financial health. So, periodically review your investment portfolio to ensure it’s still well-balanced and providing you with the growth potential you’ll need to help reach your goals, such as a comfortable retirement.

Also, just as you take medicines to prevent illnesses, you’ll need to follow preventive measures to keep your financial situation healthy. Make sure you’ve got adequate life and disability insurance. And consider seeing a financial advisor for suggestions on dealing with the potentially huge costs of long-term care.

Finally, avoid “unhealthy” financial moves, such as dipping into your retirement accounts early. Such a move can incur taxes and penalties and leave you with less money during your retirement years.

It will take consistent effort to maintain your financial fitness – but it’s worth it.

This content was provided by Edward Jones for use by Theresa McKibbin, your Edward Jones financial advisor at (480) 785-4751.