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First, let’s clear the air (literally) and address some misconceptions about who Acme Hydroponics of Broomfield is. Many assume that they cater exclusively to people interested in growing their own marijuana plants at home. On the contrary, their primary focus is enhancing overall wellness and lifestyle by growing nutrient-dense organic produce.

Acme Hydroponics is locally owned/operated by Jason and Kristen Pozzi. Jason grew up with a corporate background in food service and produce, while Kristen grew up on a farm, seeing the process of where her food was coming from. Together, they have owned/operated Acme Hydroponics for 13 years.
The business and gardening has become something enjoyable for the whole family.

“Our kids love gardening,” Kristen says. “There is something about them being a part of the entire process, then eating that first tomato straight from the plant they grew. I think the idea applies just as much to adults when they first get started, which is what makes our job so fun.”

Starting a garden indoors and then transplanting outside is a very popular and beneficial option here in Colorado, where the prime growing months aren’t as long as they are in other areas of the country. Giving plants a strong beginning with rich soil and proper temperatures can help them thrive later.

Hydroponics, a process done entirely indoors, refers to growing without soil through nutrient treated water and a process of cycling oxygen through a plant’s root system. Though the concept may sound foreign, it is actually very simple- providing plants exactly what they need and when they need them. If you’re curious, yet perhaps overwhelmed with the idea, starting with a small kitchen herb garden is a great way to dip your toes into hydroponics.

Whether it be indoors or outdoors, using soil or water only, the Pozzis are readily available to help answer questions and help others grow healthy foods for themselves and their families. They grow the seedlings that are sold in their store with the same seeds they use in their own garden, which is also tended to by their children. 

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Where do I begin?

Four tips for those hoping to try out their own green thumbs:

  1. Where did your plants or seeds originate?- Asking this question is similar to checking the labels on the foods you buy. Non-GMO, organic, and heirloom seeds will ensure a healthier, more flavorful harvest. Start with growing crops that you and your family enjoy eating. 

  2. Invest in your soil- The ideal environment for plants to thrive includes a nutrient-rich organic soil. For existing garden beds, opt for enhancing your soil further with dry amendments like compost and worm castings. Healthy soil= healthy plants.

  3. Location, location, location- The placement is crucial, as the amount of sun a plant gets will determine its fate. South-facing gardens are optimal, and raised garden beds are an easier way to go with Colorado’s dense, clay-like soil. 

  4. Water as needed- Drip systems can be helpful to avoid overwatering or underwatering. An organic mulch around plants will help prevent soil from drying out quickly, suppresses weeds, and helps maintain more consistent soil temperatures.

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