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How to Design a Relaxing Space

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There are many things that can help a room feel relaxing, but let’s keep it simple and focus on my top three. I would say that one must incorporate good lighting, great textures, and a decluttered space to truly get the cozy vibes. Let’s tackle each.

Good Lighting

It is imperative that there are multiple sources of light in a space. A room needs a soft warm light, so I always like to use a light bulb between 2,700k and 3,000k. Also, and I see this so many times, all lights should have the same temperature light bulb to avoid clashing. It’s not enough to just have recessed or pendant lighting. I always add a table or floor lamp to a space to truly have ambient light.  Also, candles are a must for me. They can be scented candles (an extra way to add relaxation) or I like to use remote control tapered candles, so I don’t have to worry about cleaning up wax later.

Great Textures

Textures are seen in toss pillows, rugs, draperies, throw blankets and furniture upholstery. Textures add color, pattern and visual interest. I like to use at least three different textures to help a room feel lived-in and welcoming.


So many times, a person thinks that every nook and cranny and every wall need to have something, and this is not the case.  A decluttered space is actually more relaxing because overcrowding of items doesn’t quiet the mind.  Decluttering a space can be overwhelming, I get it, so just do it in stages.  You’ll love the outcome when the room is tidy, organized and you are only surrounded with what brings you joy.