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How to Fake a Trip to Spain Right Now


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Oh, what I would do to be in Las Rozas de Madrid helping my family friends prepare a lunch of gazpacho and paella before our afternoon nap right now! One of the main allures of Spain—alongside the food, culture, sports, architecture and beaches—is the relaxed lifestyle.

Maybe your travel plans to Spain have been pushed back a couple of years and you're still trying to find a way to experience it now. One thing you can do right away? Slow down! Take some time off. Spend longer cooking your meals with your family, and take the time to truly taste each bite. Let yourself take a nap midday and wake up without the guilt of what you missed while you were asleep.

If you want to really feel like you are in Spain, check out these ways to experience the culture from afar.

3 Experiences to Sweep You to Spain

"Spain is a country steeped in tradition, but you don't have to get on a plane to sample its unique culture. A wide range of online experiences from airbnbwill whisk you away as you explore the movement and rhythm of flamenco dance from your living room, fill your kitchen with the smells and tastes of tortilla, and design your own woven sandals from your dining room table."

Cate Marian

4 Virtual Tours of Cities in Spain

"Medieval courtyards, plazas decorated with ornamental orange trees, the famous architecture of Gaudi and ancient plazas and cathedrals. Celebrate Spanish history, art and culture without ever leaving your house with these immersive tours organized by Google Earth. Each one takes a deep dive into a city, and with itineraries broken by different interests. Put on some flamenco music in the background, and escape to Spain."

Cate Marian

Explore Barcelona With an Artist’s Eye

"Ramp up your imagination and prepare to explore Barcelona from a new angle with three digital experiences that bring a unique perspective to traveling in Spain — without having to leave your living room.

Connect with iconic sights through the lens of a photographer, create a craft inspired by a local legend from a small Spanish village, and learn about composition, colors and styles of collage from an established artist with these online classes from Airbnb."

Cate Marian

Discover the Joy of Flamenco Dancing

"Born in the caves of southern Spain, this traditional dance associated with gypsy culture has evolved into one of the country's most popular forms of entertainment.

With early influences from Greek and Roman, and later Indian, Moorish and Jewish cultures, this bold and elegant fusion is marked by passionate feet stomping, hand clapping and finger snapping to the sound of special guitar music, and often accompanied by singing — all of which you can learn from the comfort of your home.

Take an online class to perfect your footwork, discover new guitar chords, and immerse yourself into all things Flamenco with these digital resources."

Cate Marian