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"How To" in 2020

Start Your Journey into New Crafts and Hobbies with these Great Reads

Each year, many people resolve to learning a new craft or hobby. With cold winter weather ever-present outside, there is no better time to begin the pursuit of what could become a lifelong passion.

These days, there are a variety of ways to learn a new hobby, including classes at local community centers, following Pinterest pages and watching “How To” videos on YouTube. However, one of the most time-tested ways of learning new skills is reading books on the desired subjects.

This month, Hendersonville Lifestyle wants to help you begin your crafty journey by introducing you to a few books about four popular pastimes. Each of these books is available at local and online booksellers, including Barnes & Noble and

Book 1

Cake Decorating for Beginners

This book introduces the world of cake decorating. From simple toppings to elaborate wedding cakes, it shows how to create cakes that will be the envy of social media.

ISBN:  9781641525893

Book 2

The Beginner’s Photography Guide

This book is the ideal starting point for budding photographers. All elements of imaging are covered, included exposure and lighting. It is also a great reference for experienced shutterbugs.

ISBN:  9781465477385

Book 3

The Needlepoint Book

Jo Ippolito Christensen

This book provides an excellent reference work for all crafters who love to work with needlepoint. It includes the steps for over 400 stitches.

ISBN:  9781476754093

Book 4

The Complete Book of Woodworking

This book is a comprehensive reference on the craft of woodworking. From project design to completion, this publication will prove invaluable to both beginning and experienced woodworkers.

ISBN:  9780980068870