Creating a Restful Retreat

Tips on Making a Bed Cozy, Comfortable and Beautiful

We spend eight to nine hours each day in our beds, and trying to make them as beautiful and cozy as possible is worth our while. With sleep being such a crucial part of our health, knowing how to create a soothing and rest-promoting environment that we can retreat to each night ought to be a priority. We spoke with designer Veronique Waldron, owner of Studio Vero in Bend, about the fabrics, textiles, and colors to consider when designing your sleep sanctuary.


A solid foundation is critical to any success, and with the mattress being the foundation of your bed, it's essential to be intentional and pick the one that is right for you. What constitutes a good mattress varies from person to person, depending on various personal factors. We recommend a firmer mattress for extra support for someone with recurring back pain. If you tend to overheat while sleeping, look for a mattress that promotes airflow and has cooling technology. Taking the time to find a bed that fits your specific needs is well worth the effort.

Bed Frame

Want to elevate the style and look of your bedroom? Veronique recommends finding a beautiful headboard to set the tone and act as the centerpiece of your room. Beyond just enhancing the look of your bed, it can also be a functional element that increases your comfort by providing something to lean against while in bed. Veronique tells us that you typically see three types of headboards: "When customers come in looking for sheets or a duvet, I always ask whether they have a fabric, metal or wooden headboard." Those who want a more traditional aesthetic might consider a wooden headboard, while those going after a sleeker and more modern look might want to find a metal headboard.


Your sheets and you have a close relationship as they rest on your skin all night long, meaning that your comfort depends mainly on them. The three main elements you want to consider when picking your sheets are fabric, thread count and color. When thinking about the material, take note of the temperature and climate of where you are. For summer months, when you want breathable and cooling fabrics, Veronique prefers a good quality organic cotton sateen sheet set. To keep you warm and comfortable during the cooler months, she recommends sheets made of 100% organic linen.


The next element that Veronique recommends layering on is a coverlet. This lightweight decorative blanket can be placed between your sheets and duvet for extra warmth during the cooler months. If you live in a warmer climate, a coverlet may be able to replace your duvet during warmer seasons.


The duvet and its cover will be central to your bed's overall comfort and look. When choosing a duvet, you'll want to pay attention to the fill power and tog rating of the material the duvet is filled with. The most common fill materials are feathers, wool or a synthetic alternative. The higher the fill power, the fluffier the duvet, and the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. Once you've chosen the duvet, next comes the duvet cover, which can vary in color and texture. Veronique recommends a more neutral duvet cover as it allows for more flexibility to alter the style of the room through small changes in accent pieces.


An example of an accent piece would be a throw blanket that rests atop the duvet. This is where you can add some more exciting colors and textures to your bedspread. For texture, consider the material of your throw. Cotton, wool, fleece and cashmere throws are very popular and add extra coziness and comfort to your bed.


Finally, we've come to one of the most important elements of the sleep experience, your pillows. Pillows are an essential part of your comfort and a central part of a bed's aesthetic. The pillows you will rest your head on each night are a personal preference. Options range from incredibly fluffy feather pillows to memory foam pillows offering more support. For the decorative pillows, Veronique told us that what's trending in the design world is one long lumbar pillow as opposed to the various euro pillows from several years ago. "They offer a sleeker, more modern look that many people are looking for," she explains.

Creating a beautiful and cozy bed comes down to personal taste, but now you have the basic building blocks to design a sleep sanctuary customized for you.

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