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with Audrey Kuether of Oh So Lovely Blog 

These cute and colorful dishes work perfectly to organize and display your jewelry, keys, or you name it! And you know what? They’re so easy to make! They’re a great and affordable gift idea for friends as well (Hello Galentine’s Day)!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

• Wooden bowls, trays, etc.
• Gold leaf (or metallic gold paint)
• Gentle Gold leaf brush
• Mod podge (or gold leaf adhesive)
• Acrylic paint
• Paint brushes
• Painters tape (optional)


Grab a wooden bowl, some acrylic paint, and a brush.

Hand paint some paint on one section of the bowl. 

Let the first coat dry and paint another two to three coats of paint until you’re happy with the result.

Let the paint fully dry.

I wanted my gold leaf paper to overlap the paint for a layered look, so I took a paint brush and painted some Mod Podge in an overlapping pattern.

Both Mod Podge and metal leaf adhesive works, however I chose Mod Podge because it takes less time to get tacky, which is the ideal time to brush on the gold leaf.

Once the Mod Podge gets tacky, use your hand to apply the gold leaf and accompanying wax sheet.

Push the gold leaf onto the tacky glue, then remove the top layer of paper.

Use your fingers to gently push the gold leaf onto the glue a little further.

Next, use the golf leaf brush to smooth over the whole area and gently wipe away any excess gold leaf. Pay extra attention to the edges.

Next, smooth the gold leaf section as much as possible, but don't worry about any imperfections. The organic look of the gold leaf being imperfect gives the piece character.

Next, work your way to the outer edge.

Once the gold leaf is perfected, gently brush over the leaf with some Mod Podge to seal it to the bowl. 

Let it completely dry and enjoy!