How To Organize Your Playroom

Article by Liz Jenkins, A Fresh Space

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Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Back to school is an awesome time to revamp your playroom!. We took this playroom from piles to smiles with these Crate & Kids stacking cubbies, white plastic bins from Container Store, great zones for all the activities, a project table and lots of labels!

Take advantage of the kids (hopefully!) going back to school to really go through and make decisions about what truly is deserving of a place in the playroom and what is just clutter. Creating zones for each of the activities is our primary recommendation when setting up an organized playroom. Typical zones often include: arts & crafts, pretend play, dress up, puzzles & games, Legos or similar, and a reading nook. We like to use the corners for zones, set up shelving in the closet if there is one to store overflow or infrequently used items, and contain groups in easy to use containers for little hands.

Pro tips before bringing in the bins and cubbies:

  • group like with like so you can see how many of each thing you have
  • toss the damaged, worn, stained
  • tuck away the precious but outgrown items in a memory bin
  • edit out anything that doesn't get played with (and bin up things for younger siblings to grow in to)
  • create your zones once you see your volume

THEN contain & label! We love using sturdy bins with clear labels - and picture labels can be a super way to help with reading comprehension and, of course, overall cuteness!

Remember to keep things down at the kids level so they can not only get things out but also put them away. We really encourage parents to follow the Montessori methods of self-sufficiency when creating children’s spaces.


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