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Dressing the Bride

Emerald Bridal's style guide for picking the perfect gown.

Walking into Emerald Bridal, you immediately sense the magic of what it means to find the perfect wedding dress. The walls are lined with gowns, and the prospect of choosing one is exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. Sabina Yochum, owner of Emerald Bridal, sits down to share her insights on the art of choosing the right gown and breaks down four popular styles and who should wear them. 

With four years in the bridal business, Yochum brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for helping brides navigate their journey. Her path to the bridal industry was guided by her love for romance and the chaos of wedding planning. 

"I romanticize everything in my life," she admits with a laugh. "After planning my own wedding, I realized I loved the process and wanted to help others navigate their own."

She explains that the process of picking the perfect wedding dress involves a mix of intuition and expertise, often pulling dresses that might be outside a bride's comfort zone to reveal unexpected preferences.

"We always start by understanding what the bride envisions," she says. "Even if nine times out of ten, they end up loving something completely different from what they initially thought." 

Preparing for a bridal appointment involves more than just picking dresses. Yochum advises brides to come in mentally and physically prepared, emphasizing the importance of feeling their best. 

"Eat a good meal, stay hydrated, and do whatever helps you feel like your best self," she recommends, noting that the emotional journey of finding a wedding dress can be overwhelming.

The team at Emerald Bridal constantly educates themselves on new styles and trends, ensuring they meet the evolving tastes of their clients. Whether it's a simple ivory gown or a lace dress with warm undertones, Yochum and her team are dedicated to finding the perfect match. They even accommodate special requests, bringing in specific designs for brides who have a clear vision.

At Emerald Bridal, it's clear that each dress tells a story, and Yochum is committed to helping every bride find their own perfect narrative.

Esme on Bailey

The Esme dress, modeled by Bailey, is the epitome of elongating elegance. This gown seamlessly blends classic sexy with a timeless shape, making it perfect for the curvy bride looking to accentuate her figure. Its modern twist comes from the striking neckline and playful bow, offering a chic update to a classic silhouette. Esme is ideal for brides seeking a sophisticated, yet alluring look.

Josephine on Victoria

Victoria brings the Josephine dress to life with its open, sexy low back and subtle glam. This versatile gown fits a variety of wedding themes, from rustic chic to garden party and vintage Hollywood. Josephine is perfect for brides who aren't set on a single wedding vibe but want to embody all these styles. It's a subtle yet striking choice for a bride looking to feel glamorous and multifaceted on her special day.

Jenny on Caitlyn

Jenny, modeled by Caitlyn, exudes a moody, bohemian charm with a touch of old money meets Western flair. This dress stands out with its plunging neckline and lace-up chiffon ribbons at the back, adding a modern twist to 80's wedding trends like the shoulder puff. Jenny is perfect for the edgy bride who wants to make a unique statement and be a little different on her big day.

Jayde on Dani

The Jayde dress, showcased by Dani, is the pinnacle of classic tradition. Its flattering A-line silhouette and heavily structured bodice make it universally beautiful on all brides. Featuring a show-stopping train, Jayde is designed for the bride who wants to feel classically romantic, feminine, and comfortable. This gown is likely what many little girls dream of when picturing their perfect wedding dress.

Photoshoot Credits:
Wedding Gowns - Emerald Bridal
Photographer - Macka Photography 
Models - Dani Wooten (Page 1), Bailey Gloeckler (page 4), Victoria Castillo (page 5), and Caitlyn Meyer (page 5)
Make-up - House of Tesla
Flowers - Camellia Farm Flora
Event Planner - Emily Boren (Lead Planner) of Treasured Heart Events
Location - The Modern
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