How to Unlock Your Limitless Potential and Your Money

Savvy money talk with Lisa Chastain

What would it look like if we all had the freedom to just be ourselves? Instead, many of us are left feeling like we have to sacrifice our authentic selves for financial security. We can be savvy and successful in so many ways, yet financial stress can be frustrating.

Being the woman you want to be takes learning and unlearning. I help women go from money avoidance to facing their fears and achieving financial success, and I can do it because I’ve been there. Is it possible to be your authentic self, make money, and set yourself up for future success? That’s a BIG question, and I believe it is absolutely possible. Let’s talk about it!

What is a money mindset and why does it matter?

The way you think about money and how it relates to your life is called your money mindset. Negative beliefs around money, like “we’ll never have enough,” creates a scarcity mentality. Positive concepts, like learning something new every day, challenging old and ineffective beliefs, and practicing gratitude, create an abundance mentality. Developing a positive money mindset is the spark that changes the trajectory of your money journey. No matter how much money you make, it will never be enough until you develop a positive money mindset. Don’t know where to start? Start with the following affirmations:

·         I can achieve anything I want

·         I am worth a million dollars

·         Money can be used for good

When you say those aloud, do you feel resistance? What negative beliefs are holding you back? Shifting your mindset to face those fears, challenge those negative beliefs, and align yourself to your wants and desires is the path forward.

How do we challenge our limiting money beliefs?

Limiting money beliefs are so common. They sneak in when we’re young and stick around to mess things up for years. Plus, most of those beliefs aren’t even our own. They are borrowed from the adults around us when we were little. Psychologists say that many of our core beliefs are formed by age eight, including both the good and the bad. Limiting beliefs like, “I’ll never earn enough to actually have the life I want,” or “I don’t know enough about this to not screw it up royally,” can really hold us back. It’s time to change that because that is exactly where we have the most potential. It’s an inside job.

Isn’t budgeting the best way to create more money?

I’m just going to come out and say it: I really dislike the word ‘budget.’ Talk about scarcity in a single word! I teach financial tips that help you get to the life that you truly want. It has less to do with pinching pennies and everything to do with creating a trusting relationship with money. Develop a spending plan that incorporates what you really want out of your life, and track it along the way. It’s a roadmap instead of a strict diet. You can adjust as you go, but creating more money really begins with believing that you will have what it takes to create a strong financial future. New opportunities will come knocking when you are ready to receive them. To be ready for those opportunities, track what’s going in and out. And tell budgets bye-bye for good.

My number one piece of financial advice for savvy women.

Don’t be afraid to talk about money. Be part of a community that creates a safe space to get real about money without judgment. You’re not alone, so why face it alone? Support is the game changer when it comes to changing your money mindset. When you hear money stories from others and see the good, the bad, and the truth, you will realize that financial success is possible no matter where you start. You have all that it takes to be financially successful, don’t let your mindset hold you back.

Lisa Chastain is a Financial Wellness Expert and Mentor, #1 Best Selling Author, and

Host of Real Money on VoiceAmerica Radio

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