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Husband-and-Wife Duo Promote Health and Wellness With Three Local Businesses

Dr. Dan and Casey Grant Own Grant Chiropractic, Fresh Start Wellness & CBD, and Serenity Healthcare

To say that Dr. Dan and Casey Grant are devoted to the health and well-being of others is definitely an understatement.

The husband-and-wife duo own Grant Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, a company that encompasses three health-focused companies: Grant Chiropractic, Fresh Start Wellness, and Serenity Healthcare.

Each business offers several broad-spectrum therapies that are designed to help the differing needs of the Grants’ patients.

“Our motto is ‘Home for all your Healthcare needs,’” Casey says, adding that she and Dr. Dan are proud to offer full-service care for all types of pain and inflammation. 

“We offer unique therapies that you don’t find at all offices.”

At Grant Chiropractic, which opened 20-plus years ago, Dr. Dan works directly with patients, while Casey runs the day-to-day operations of the clinic.

“Dan and I focus on giving our patients the best care and service based on their needs for each visit, whether that is chiropractic care, physical therapy, nutrition guidance and goal-setting, and/or CBD to help with pain and inflammation,” Casey says.

“Also, Serenity Healthcare, the ancillary company we just launched, offers a different scope of regenerative therapies. For instance, Shockwave, PEMF, and cold laser, which we refer to as ‘The Trio’ is getting amazing results with our patients and athletes.”

Casey says the ability to combine chiropractic care with physical therapy all under one roof is one of the many things that helps to set Grant Chiropractic apart.

“We are also introducing regenerative therapy, which is just adding a whole extra level of success for our patients,” Casey says.

“In addition, we believe in sharing our services with local Chandler providers as well in order to have the best available care for our patients. Being in the industry here locally in Chandler for 20 years has made this a very special place for us, and we take that very seriously.”

Through her work as owner of Fresh Start Wellness & CBD, Casey has two retail locations in Chandler, and also wholesales the products to a number of physicians in several states.

Casey says adding Fresh Start CBD to the suite of products and services at Grant Chiropractic has been a huge plus to the way they can address pain and inflammation in their patients.  

“CBD can also work well for the anxiety and stress that happens to be an even bigger issue since Covid. It allows for our patients to have a natural approach to fixing different symptoms that they are having, versus taking the traditional approach or prescription drugs,” she says.

At Grant Chiropractic, Dr. Dan treats patients of all ages—including infants who have indigestion, sleep issues, and colic, as well as adjusting the baby’s spine and setting the nervous system. 

“We also work with a lot of athletes. Dr. Dan was an athlete when he was growing up, so he has a passion for helping our local high schools and treating the teen athletes to get them back on the field or court,” Casey says.

Rather than provide a cookie-cutter approach to chiropractic care, Casey says she and Dr. Dan treat every patient as an individual, taking the time to ask a series of questions to identify their needs and wants—and then coming up with a care plan to reach these goals. 

Dr. Dan, and his on-staff providers, will also perform a careful and thorough intake evaluation to be sure the source of the pain or discomfort is correctly identified.

“We also stress the importance of following a care plan for the best long-lasting results. We do follow-up exams to show the patient the progress they are making, showing them the X-rays, which is very motivational to our patients,” Casey says.

While some people may associate chiropractic care with neck or back issues, Casey says their services can help with a wide range of health concerns, including migraines, tinnitus, vertigo, sciatica, scoliosis, chronic knee pain, and neuropathy.

Casey says she and her husband both truly enjoy hearing their patients’ success stories.

“What we are doing makes a difference in people’s daily activities and that is what matters to us. For example, we hear from the parents or grandparents that can now play with their children or grandchildren again, or do something as simple as walking their dogs, playing sports again, or getting out of bed without pain,” she says.

“We are getting huge results and that makes it all worth it. And seeing these results firsthand and hearing our patients’ success stories is what keeps us coming back every day.”,,