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Going the Distance!

Veronica Pardo completes 130.5-mile race

What inspired you to tackle the 100-hour Jackalope Jam?

“My fiancé had done numerous 100-mile races in the past. However, since I was in school until recently, I never made the time to train for races of that caliber. I would still go to his races to cheer him on and volunteer. That said, I have done one half-marathon in 2019 (Cowtown in Fort Worth) and one 50K in 2021 (Salt Flats Endurance Race in Utah) since running at a collegiate level.”

What has been the best part about training?

“As a result of staying consistent, my calves have adapted and are more relaxed when I run. I've also noticed this with my breathing, which is so necessary to be comfortable while running. Another best part about training is being able to be outside! I get to see the sunrise, the sunset, the flowers bloom, the leaves fall, the birds fly, the ducks swim, the people wave, and so many interesting things that I wouldn't see if I decided to stay home.”

Do you have any favorite spots to run at?

“I enjoy the Brushy Creek Trail and going down to Town Lake the most. Both of the routes are well-maintained and wide enough for other users to pass with ease. I recently joined a running group called Trail Sisters since moving back to the area, which introduced me to the Suburban Ninja and Violet Crown trail systems. The trails are a bit more technical but are a great way to change scenery and keep running fun and fresh!”

Why are you sharing your journey on social media?

“It’s important for me to encourage people to move more. I'm aware that running can be intimidating to new runners and even those wanting to go the next distance. So, I hope to share helpful tips from stretching to rehab exercises to provide an additional resource to turn to.”

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Dr. Veronica Pardo

Tips from a Gateway to Wellness chiropractor

Practice Rehab

“Through running, I get to continually practice rehab to keep my knees and ankles strong. Strengthening my arms, core, and back stabilizes my upper body to help me navigate my environment.”

Eat Good Foods

“Chiropractors are trained in basic nutrition. I utilize my understanding of different foods and how they can impact my performance and recovery.”

Get Adjustments

“I am fortunate to have access to being adjusted regularly. Adjustments are important to my health and lifestyle. Chiropractic adjustments help maintain spine mobility, flushing out inflammation.”

Push Athletic Limits

“Pain and achiness are normal when beginning a new sport. Your body needs to adapt. However, listen to your body and consult a healthcare provider if the pain does not align with the activity performed.”