I dedicate this to my mom…

I dedicate this to my mom…

May is a special time of year. Not only do we celebrate Mother’s Day, but there’s also May Day on May 1st. This is a special day between my mom and I. Ever since I can remember, on the first day of May, I have brought her flowers. I try to surprise her by leaving them quietly on her doorstep. I honestly don’t think I have missed a single year of this tradition since I was about 7 years old. I love doing this because it’s my way of reminding her of the beauty she brings to my life, our family, and frankly, this world. This woman is my rock, always there for me, my constant cheerleader, and the foundation of my family growing up. I am the youngest of five kids and because of her, we have a very tight bond between us. She was always and continues to be the glue for our family. Now having four children of my own I understand just how important this is. Connection truly is the basis of love, respect, trust, and honestly, how we grow into relationships throughout our lives. Not only is my mom the center of our family unit, she is also the BEST grandmother (Grammie) to all of our kids, and they love and cherish her.

Mothers have so much influence on who we become in life. I am so grateful for the one I’ve got—without her constant love, encouragement, and support, our lives would be very different. I hope all of you can take extra time to reflect, and if possible reach out to your mothers if you are lucky enough to still have them around. They are a blessing and should be celebrated!

Dear Mom,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and recognize the amazing woman you are. Throughout my life you have always been there for me and our entire family, encouraging us to be strong, and independent, but most importantly, to follow our dreams. You taught us that we hold the key to our happiness by staying true to who we are, by chasing our dreams, but mostly by loving and respecting those around us. As the matriarch of our family, the bonds you helped us create have made our relationships both old and new, strong and meaningful! Thank you for all you have done for all of us and our families! You are so deeply loved because you give so much of your love to all of us. We could all take a page out of your book... I am grateful for you!


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