Good guys to know

When I think about these guys, the word that comes to mind is “legacy.” A father creating a family business legacy with his son, an entrepreneurial realtor helping the next generation navigate the future, and a musician sharing his stories of hope and happiness through song. These are good guys to know.

Building a Legacy

Thomas Hoffmann is a mechanical engineer and has spent a lifetime building. He married his high school sweetheart Julie and built a beautiful family. Thomas' son Nick Hoffmann is an engineer proudly working with his dad. Building Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating is the pinnacle of Thomas' career, and he is beyond proud to share it with Nick. They value their outstanding work and the lasting relationships they have built as they continue the Hoffmann legacy for the next generation.

The Future of Our Work Force

Antione Lawrence recently spoke with 8th-grade students about entrepreneurship and real estate. "The students are excited about using Artificial Intelligence to create new careers and innovative ways to go about life," he said. "We should be hopeful and believe this next generation will create good things with increased technology, such as better medicine, less food insecurity, and more opportunities to help the less advantaged. If you are a business owner, hire the youth. Trust me.”

Find that one thing

"We're all one thing away from realizing we're more connected than we are disconnected. Find that one thing," said Roger. If you listen to music on Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple, take a moment to listen to original works of music by Kirkwood resident, singer/songwriter, Roger Stojeba. Roger’s newest album The Man Who Controlled Time is influenced by many genres, specifically early blues, rock, country and jazz music. As a special bonus, Roger’s daughter, Lea, can be heard on a few tracks. His music is dedicated to all those who have lived, laughed and loved during their battle with cancer. 


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