I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Easy Ice Cream party with LeAnn Parker of Silvertooth Farm Home

Creating a styled party table does not need to be expensive or complicated to be beautiful. In my opinion, setting up a styled table only requires two things. One—all food is taken out of its original packaging by placing them in containers from your own kitchen or thrifting what you don’t have. Two—elevation is used to display food by using cake stands, bowls that are flipped upside-down, or food risers to make extra serving space without needing a larger table. Both of these tricks will instantly create a beautiful party display without much expense or effort.

Display & Serving Items:

Balloon Garland Kit and balloon pump

+ Handwritten sign (instructions on @silvertoothfarmhome on instagram—spoiler alert, you don’t need good handwriting for this because it’s tracing.)

+ Glassware (I found mine at a local thrift store, but you can easily buy new root beer mugs or sundae glasses.)

Bistro Ice Cream Spoons

+ Cake stands and food display risers (scroll through beautiful wooden display risers on Etsy.)

+ Glass containers (to display ice cream toppings)

+ Mini crock pot (for keeping hot fudge hot)

+ Napkins 

+ Paper straws

+ Party hats (I used disposable paper chef hats)

Shopping List (Ice Cream Sundaes & Root Beer Floats):

+ Vanilla ice cream (pre-scooped and placed over ice for ease of guests)

+ Bottled root beer (don’t forget a bottle opener)

+ Hot fudge

+ Additional sauces (such as white chocolate or caramel)

+ Whipped cream

+ Rainbow sprinkles

+ M&M’s (or other candy topping)

+ Maraschino cherries

+ Waffle cone cups (opt.)

+ Brownie crumbles (opt.)

+ Sugar cookies (opt.)

For more entertaining and decorating ideas, visit @Silvertoothfarmhomes on Instagram

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