Ice, Ice Baby

Put Your Best Face Forward with the Summer Ice Facial

Hot temps, bright sun, air conditioning—summer in Arizona brings many things that can irritate your face and cause it to be sensitive, blotchy and irritated.

To combat this, Arizona Facial Plastics is offering its unique Summer Ice Facial.

The treatment “uses a targeted jet of carbon dioxide gas to rapidly cool the skin, causing the blood vessels in the face to alternately constrict and dilate.”

“High summer temperatures can make your skin look uneven and red. This cooling treatment helps balance your skin tone and reduce redness,” explains Felicia Taghizadeh, director of operations at Arizona Facial Plastics. “It is also a great way to maintain treatments you had during the winter months, as it encourages the skin to continue regenerating.”

The Summer Ice Facial begins with a Hawaiian papaya enzyme to prepare the skin, followed by the cryo-therapy treatment. The session, which lasts an hour, ends with an ultra-hydrating chlorophyll-cucumber mask and red-light therapy.

“This is a great summer facial because instead of using hot lasers during a high-heat season, it uses rapidly cooled carbon dioxide to treat the skin,” Felicia says. “[It] is a great option because the multiple benefits of cryo-therapies are becoming more well known, including reducing pigment, reducing acne and rejuvenating the skin. It also feels and smells amazing, and leaves your face hydrated with a brightness and smoothness that wasn’t there before.”

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