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Merging History and Luxury

The Oxford Hotel

In 1891 The Oxford Hotel opened its doors to the many travelers, fortune seekers, and western explorers making their way to Denver.  It was truly a city within a city, sporting stables, a saloon, barber, and even library.  Today, that same hotel continues to awe and inspire its guests with luxury, heart, soul, and an unreplaceable story. “You cannot build history,” states general manager Ed Blair when speaking of the unique charm. Indeed, the legacy of The Oxford, along with its modern luxury and impeccable service, offers a slice of history unmatched by any other hotel. 

Guests of The Oxford are treated to a style seamlessly weaving past into present for an elegant and lavish feel. The 80 guest rooms and suites have historical influence, with pieces dating to the late 1800s, enfolded with modern fixtures, creating a one-of-a-kind experience located in the vibrant LoDo neighborhood of Denver.  

The Oxford also treats its guests, and its neighbors, to nightly offerings in the lobby such as live, local music, whiskey tastings, art shows, pop up retailers, and charcuterie compliments of Urban Farmer.  The chef creates a locally tailored menu that is responsibly sourced by local farmers. Whether you prefer beef or bison, the culinary offerings will not disappoint. 

After dinner, enjoy a cocktail in the Cruise Room.  This beautiful bar was modeled after the original cocktail bar on the Queen Mary.  The art deco styling transports guests to the 1930s. If relaxation is what guests crave, the Oxford is for them, with spa treatments, a modern fitness center and a high-end boutique.