Rest and Relaxation

Celebrate that special someone with a spa day at IdleWild.

Need a date idea this Valentine's Day? Consider spending a day at IdleWild Spa, located in the Omni Viking Lakes hotel.  

IdleWild Spa isn't an ordinary spa. To start, it's a Nordic spa, which means that treatments "focus on relaxation through the thermal experience," says Ann Zimmer, spa director. "It's about warming your body up and then cooling it down and then relaxing and then cycling through that a couple different times. It's great for your body and great for getting the most out of your services."

The benefits of a hot and cold treatment cycle are significant. "It's good for your metabolism and your lymphatic system," says Ann. "The shock of getting your system going and then cooling it down helps your body recover." The lymphatic system is what keeps the fluid levels in your body in balance and helps defend your body against infections, among other things.

In order to support the Nordic spa-cycling technique, clients who book a spa service have access to the spa amenities like the whirlpool during the entire day of their treatment. "If your appointment is at 2pm in the afternoon and we open at 10am, we invite you to come in at 10am to enjoy your time here without feeling rushed. Spend a day here, enjoy yourself, go to lunch, and come back in," says Ann.

At IdleWild, there's something for everyone, whether it's a facial, massage, body treatment, or salon service. According to Ann, the services are for "anybody who's looking for a day of relaxation," and spa guests don't have to book a hotel room to get a service done.

Although Ann's personal favorite treatment is a facial, "Massages are definitely the most popular service here," she says. "In the past, massages were a luxury, not a necessity. But now, with everybody sitting at their desk all day, it's hard on your body, and massage is a good way to help your body recover. Facials are great, too—your skin is your largest organ, so you should be taking care of that as well."

Taking the time to care for yourself with a spa day promotes relaxation in your body. "Taking care of yourself and your body is good for your health," says Ann. "It lowers your stress level. It's a great way to mentally and physically get away from the day. We need to take care of ourselves."

Ann sees those benefits reflected in customers every day. "Everybody's happy when they come in here," says Ann. "As soon as you walk in, you relax. We try to help out with that, too, by anticipating what people are going to need before they realize they need it." To curate a relaxed spa environment, Ann and the staff at IdleWild start by greeting each customer and setting the tone for a positive experience. They give customers a tour of the spa so they know what to expect for the rest of the day.

It helps to have a great team when creating a relaxing spa experience. "The staff is very knowledgeable," says Ann. "They've all had many years of experience. They listen to the needs of the customers. They're not pushy about add-ons. They care about their guests. They all will go above and beyond to make the experience better."

To learn more, visit omnihotels.com/hotels/viking-lakes-minnesota/spa.

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