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As a professional woman, what advice would you give to your younger self?

We asked attendees of our Ladies' Luncheon to share their answers to this question. Here's what they had to say.

Marissa Balius, Kayla Wood, and Elizabeth Dean

Attorneys of Allen Texas Attorneys

“Talk to other women in your chosen profession and ask for advice. Watch and learn from other successful women in your profession and seek out a mentor. Know that you can have a successful career and be a mom at the same time.”

Nickquolette Barrett

CEO/Founder & Executive Résumé Writer and Coach of iRock Résumés

“Trust in your skills, talent, and abilities as you always are one step ahead of those who need your services.”

DeLaine Broderick

Owner of Dinners by DeLaine

“Only do what you are passionate about, not just what will make you money.”

Julie Brown

Office Manager of Allen Economic Development Corporation

“Be authentic, be yourself, be kind – you’ve got this! Always be grateful and smile!”

Dr. Sangita Chandran

Twin Creeks Dentistry

“Learn to connect with more people. Learn how to run an office.”

Mandy Carrasco

Outreach for The Dinosaur Company

“Throughout elementary school, every report I took home said, ‘Conscientious, contributes to class.’ Little did I know, this innocuous statement would guide my career.”


Marketing Baby Triceratops with The Dinosaur Company

“Tri your best and egg-cellent things will happen!”

Ande Davidson

Marketing Coordinator for The Dinosaur Company

“Pick a job that lets you be creative and engaged. Don’t worry so much about what you think you ‘should’ be doing.'”

Letty Gomar

Owner of The Goddard School of Allen (West)

“Be confident and trust that things will work out as they should.”

Bhavna Gupta

Managing Owner of Young Chefs Academy of Allen/McKinney

“Stay focused on your dream and work your way towards it – one step at a time. Surround yourself with people who encourage and uplift you!”

Kendra Healy

Owner of My Haven Travel by Cruise Planners

“Don’t be afraid. Be passionate about what you’re doing. Going into business for yourself isn’t to be taken lightly. Be passionate and don’t be afraid to just do it.”

Shahmeen Khan

Financial Paraplanner with Meridian Wealth Management and Community Volunteer

“Open a Roth IRA as soon as you start working – contribute every year to the maximum amount.”

Meg Labaziewicz

Certified Interior Designer and Owner of Inspired Interiors by Meg

“Do something you really love and are good at!”

Marilyn Latham

Vice President of McKinney Repertory Theatre

“It’s okay not to know everything! It’s okay to ask for help and advice. It doesn’t mean you are weak! It means you are wise!”

Traci Markel

Marketing Manager of The Village of Allen

“Spend time with others that share your dreams and ideals – these are the mentors that will guide your path.”

Accasia Martinez

Owner of Accasia’s Event Venue

“Find something you love to do so it doesn’t feel like hard work. Know your business – the industry, your numbers – and always keep learning. Prepare to fail so you can get right back up and kill it. Always strive for excellence in all you do, and do not allow anything to compromise it!”

Celine McGuire

Wealth Planner with Merrill Lynch

“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort; you can’t choose both.”

Kathy Todryk

Optavia Independent Health Coach

“Don’t let fear hold you back. Be afraid if you must, but do it anyway.”

Angela Tucker

Realtor with Coldwell Banker Apex

“Believe you can and you are more than halfway there!”

Carey Lynn Zarate

Owner/Maker of Artistic Endeavors, home to Carey Lynn Creates

“Never stop trying. Every mistake is just another step in making it better. Don’t be afraid to fail. Without failure you can’t triumph.”