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Imaging for Women

When Women Lead, Women Win

Mammograms: they strike fear into the heart of many women. They are traditionally uncomfortable, and the fear of the unknown can be daunting. But according to the American Cancer Society, all women with a reasonable risk of cancer (that means you) should get a yearly mammogram starting at age 40. Sor when the time comes, choose someone that will make this essential test as comfortable as possible. 

Imaging For Women has been that practice for hundreds of women in the 20 years that it has been open. At their location on 630 NW Englewood Road, they specialize in 3D mammograms, ultrasounds, and bone density testing, all in a female-centered office. Founded by Mark Malley, MD, Imaging for Women takes a patient-centered approach to care that sets them apart. 

Troy Voeltz, MD, and Allison Howard Zupon, MD have both dedicated their careers to early detection and women's health. With their expertise and the latest technology provided by GE, they provide 3D mammograms at a fraction of the price of major health systems. 

At its core, a 3D mammogram is still a mammogram; breast tissue is compressed to use radiation to detect any masses in the area. 3D mammography uses less radiation than its traditional 2D counterpart though. And with the GE Senographe Pristina, the patient is in control of the compression, using a small remote control. This fact is what sets the Pristina apart, according to Voeltz. 

"If someone else is applying the compression, the first time that you feel discomfort, you're going to tell them to stop. It's similar to having a snarl in your hair. If someone else hits it with a brush, you'll feel it right away. If you were to do it yourself, you wouldn't react as strongly. In the machine, if you're in control of the pace of compression, you're going to be more relaxed, and that leads to more tissue in the machine. When you're compressing, we educate you that the more compression you do the clearer the picture will be, and less radiation will be used. And 90% of women end up maxing out the compression. Women are tough, and they will give themselves the best exam possible if you give them that opportunity," says Voeltz. 

Once that compression is done, Imagin For Women is committed to getting results fast. Instead of waiting around for weeks to get results, the mammogram is read immediately, and if there is additional work to be done, it's either completed that day or scheduled for a good time soon. Their commitment to patient comfort extends to patient peace of mind. 

Zupon says that it's this dedication to patient care is what truly sets Imaging for Women apart. By creating a soothing atmosphere and placing a high priority on their patients' time and understanding of the procedures, they ensure that z woman is at ease throughout her experience. 

"Anxiety is a big part of why women don't come back for mammograms. They remember the old way of doing it and they expect it to hurt, so they avoid it. We've had many women try the 3D imaging and tell us how much better of an experience it was. They are no longer afraid to get their yearly checkup," says Zupon. 

Imaging For Women is committed to women's health and catching cancer early. With years of experience under their belts but the foresight to utilize new technologies, they are taking the fear out of preventative screenings. For more information, visit