Making Your Home a Haven

How To Turn Any Space In Your House Into a Spa

Article by Daniel Gertson

Photography by Paula VM

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, so now you can relax. But is your home offering the most positive vibes possible? Anya Hahn with Olinova Design took that to heart in crafting a master bathroom for local residents Greg and Lisa Bowling. While she focused on a bathroom, the principles can be applied to any space in your home. 

Designing a serene and luxurious interior space requires a thoughtful fusion of timeless elements and unexpected details. The foundation of glossy marble tiles and brass hardware establishes a classic, upscale aesthetic in this design. To introduce an element of surprise, a rich blue mosaic tile graces both walls, seamlessly matching the cabinet color. This pop of color adds vibrancy and personality to the space. White river rocks scattered on the tub floor contribute to the organic, relaxing atmosphere, grounding the room in nature's tranquility.

Organic, hand-crafted candles, soaps, and bath salts from Rosewood Maison complement the look and add a luxurious, peaceful aroma to the space. The overall intention is to create a haven of relaxation from the moment one steps through the door. This careful curation of materials and accessories ensures that every detail contributes to a soothing, harmonious environment, making any room a sanctuary for unwinding in style.

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