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Designer Lauren Lerner Showcases a Recent Scottsdale Project

Classically stylish, family-friendly, soothing, modern and inviting are just some of the hallmarks of this project on 83rd Place.

This ultra-inviting kitchen is the epitome of elegance and charm. The light cabinets and white island are a striking contrast to the dark wood and oversized iron pendants, creating a rich aesthetic. The durable rope counter stools lend to the home's organic and welcoming feel, and are both kid-friendly for family dinners or adult-ready for gathering with a cocktail.

The best way to showcase incredible furniture is by styling it with just as amazing pieces, as illustrated in this home office. The gorgeous zigzag carvings in this pine desk incorporate textural appeal. The drawers allow for storage space so its beauty can be complemented with accessories, rather than being overshadowed by typical office clutter. The bookshelves are thoughtfully enhanced with items that provide purpose and aesthetic allure, creating an artistic gallery for the eye.

Hallways are often overlooked but can serve as impactful and useful niches within a home. This custom, hand-carved console allows for an additional source of needed light and a splash of color at the end of this long corridor. Being able to provide both purpose and style in a design is a major win.

Lauren Lerner is the principal designer and founder of Living with Lolo, an interior design firm based in Scottsdale.

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